Father, daughter strive for clients’ financial peace


JASPER — Father-daughter duo Jeff and Allison Bounds brought their financial planning services to Jasper a few months ago when they opened a Primerica office on Main Street.

Jeff opened his first Primerica office in Huntingburg 35 years ago and decided to expand with a Jasper location after Allison came on full time a year and a half ago. Jeff plans to maintain the Huntingburg office at 616 N. Main St., but the Jasper office, located at 706 Main St., will become the hub for the business and the handful of representatives that work with Jeff and Allison. They held their grand opening this morning.

“Who knows where it could lead,” Jeff said. “We could have offices in multiple communities.”

Jeff was working in a factory when, at age 18, he came across Primerica. He began his business as a part-time gig, but it quickly grew into a full-time job that now serves over 1,000 clients in Dubois County. Jeff is proud of the business he built, but his proudest moment, he said, came when Allison came home from college at Indiana University-Bloomington and decided to join him in the family business. Now that Allison is on board, clients have started asking Jeff if he plans to retire. The answer, he said, is not anytime soon.

“I enjoy working with her so much I can’t even imagine retiring,” he said.

“We really do have such a fun time working together,” Allison agreed.

Allison graduated from IU in 2016 with a biology degree and plans to pursue a career in the medical field. Just one problem: She couldn’t find anything in the field she was passionate about. Then, in a long conversation about her future, Jeff said something that stuck.

“He said, ‘We aren’t people’s medical doctors, but what we do is more of their financial doctors. We find an issue in their financial plan, and we bring them a solution,’” Allison recalled.

With that connection to the medical field in mind, Allison decided to give financial planning a try, and she found the passion she’d been looking for.

At Primerica, the Bounds and their colleagues offer a full range of financial planning services including insurance, investments and debt reduction. At the first appointment, new clients bring all their financial documents for analysis. Clients also give an idea of what they want their lives to look like. From there, Jeff and Allison put together a long-term financial plan to help their clients reach their goals. Then, clients meet with their adviser annually to keep on track.

“We’re not just life insurance. We’re not just auto and home insurance. We’re not just investments,” Allison said. “We do all of those things together because they really do all matter together. They all work together.”

Consultations and follow-up appointments, Jeff said, are free of charge. Rather than clients paying Primerica advisers, the insurance and investment companies the advisers represent pay when clients sign up.

For both Jeff and Allison, the best part of their job is helping people achieve financial peace. When people’s finances are in order, Jeff said, day-to-day issues that come up aren’t as big a deal. Both of them wake up motivated by the difference they can make in the lives of their clients. 

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