Farmers: I'm telling you to stay out of my yard

To the editor:

This is for the farmers who are traveling on State Road 145 south of Birdseye with their great big tractors and machinery: I am sick and tired of somebody getting on my front yard bank with whatever you are pulling. Just because the tractor is on the road, doesn't mean that the big, wide machinery you are pulling is. I've had steel wagon wheels bent in concrete on the south driveway and I have a trench dug in the middle of the bank and now I have deep tire tracks in the edge of the bank.

The machinery should have been stopped from traveling on the highway when it was first made that big. They are over the center line all the time. If we were caught driving our vehicles over the line, we would be charged for reckless driving and would have to pay a fine.

There are places on this road with guardrails on both sides and on a blind curve you can't pass if you meet these tractors and machinery. Some day a wreck is going to happen.

I'm telling you to stay out of my yard.

—Mary M. Dooley

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