Farm to Table

Photos by Cheyenne Boone/The Herald
Miah Rahman, 12, of Ferdinand, puts corn in a box for a customer at the Huntingburg Farmers Market at Market Street Park on Saturday. "One of my favorite parts of being here is getting to witness farm to table," Miah said. "I also like to see how I can impact people with corn."


A social distancing sign is placed outside of the Huntingburg Farmers Market in Market Street Park on Saturday.


Alexa Jo Prior, 5, of Huntingburg, left, and Ella Cate, 7, of Holland, talk while waiting for customers at their lemonade stand in Huntingburg on Saturday. "The lemonade tastes good," Ella said. "I like doing this, because we're giving to the fund." All proceeds from their sales will be donated to the GI Go Fund.


Steve Pershing of Huntingburg carries items outside to display in front of his store, Downtown Emporium, in Huntingburg on Saturday. Pershing and his wife, Carla, own the store and the building has been in Carla's family for over 100 years.

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