Family Fun

Photo by Kaiti Sullivan/The Herald 
Isaac Villarreal, 10, left, his sisters, Khloee Villarreal, 9, Jazlynn Villarreal, 3, neighbor, Allison Lopez, 3, sisters, Jaylahh Villarreal, 7, and Jaylynn Villarreal, 8, brother, Randy Villarreal, 4, and neighbor Ana Lopez, 6, bounce on the trampoline together at the Villarreal home in Huntingburg on Wednesday. Maggie and Randy Villarreal have eight children and with a ninth on the way. Kaiti Sullivan/The Herald
Allison Lopez, 3, left, and her friend Kimberlynn Kline, 4, watch as Jaylnn Villarreal, 8, and her sister, Khloee Villarreal, 9, right, pump a car jack while their sister, Jaylahh Villarreal, 7, pretends to drive the toy tractor at their home in Huntingburg on Wednesday. The Villarreal's father, Randy Villarreal, works on cars for a living and got out real tools for his daughters to play with.





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