Expert supports Camm claim in family slayings

By The Associated Press

LEBANON — A defense forensics expert testified Thursday that blood stains found on the clothing of a former Indiana State Police trooper accused of killing his family were consistent with his claim that he wasn’t present when his wife and two children were fatally shot.

Barrie Goetz a consultant retired from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, challenged the blood spatter findings of prosecution experts Rod Englert and Tom Bevel presented by the state in the third murder trial of David Camm.

Goetz testified the location and pattern of stains on one of Camm’s sneakers was consistent with blood transfer from a shoelace brushing against it, The Courier-Journal reported.

Camm has claimed he was playing basketball at the time of the 2000 slayings of his wife, 35-year-old Kim Camm, and his children, 7-year-old Bradley and 5-year-old Jill, and discovered the crimes when arrived at his home in the Louisville suburb of Georgetown.

Both Englert and Bevel testified that blood spatter caused a stain on Camm’s shoe, but Goetz said the stain appeared consistent with a transfer from another surface.

Defense attorney Richard Kammen accused Englert and Bevel of making the evidence fit their pre-drawn conclusions about the case.

Camm was convicted twice previously of the slayings, but both convictions were thrown out on appeal. He is being tried in Boone County, northwest of Indianapolis and more than 100 miles north of Georgetown because of publicity over the case.

The defense contends the murders were committed solely by Charles Boney, who is serving a 225-year prison sentence for the crimes.

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