Election offers chance to stop ‘culture of death’

To the editor:

Another great victory for America! Congratulations to Justice Brett Kavanaugh for the great victory despite the terrible character assassination by the far left who stooped to an all-time low for political reasons. The devil — working through groups of mobs — was defeated by a God-loving, truly Christian man. This is just another of Trump’s great promises to accomplish and to add to the long list of his great achievements in his two years in office.

This was also another instance of “using women” as scapegoats for politics. There is no doubt that Professor Ford may have experienced sexual abuse by someone, but there was no substantiating evidence to prove it was Justice Kavanaugh.

Immediately after Justice Kavanaugh was nominated, Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer promised to do all in his power to prevent him from becoming a justice. Why? Because Judge Kavanaugh is an outstanding Christian; therefore, the Democrats feared he would overturn Roe vs. Wade. Imagine! They prefer murder — abortions — versus having a Constitutionalist!

As a woman, I am tired of hearing about “women’s rights”! Women — as well as blacks, Hispanics, etc. — have the same opportunities as men; the proof is all around us. “Women’s rights” should be changed to “Rights of the Unborn.” They are God’s children from the moment of conception and do not deserve to be slaughtered and flushed down the drain!

A very important election is coming up Nov. 6!

Study your candidates! Do you want the party of life — pro-life —or the party, particularly members of the House and Senate, whose priority is abortion? We must put a stop to this culture of death! Pray — and vote! Your vote is critical!

—Malee Burress

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