Eisenhut family gathers for reunion

The John and Barbara Eisenhut reunion was held June 9 at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Haysville. A carry-in meal was served at noon. Attending were Kurt, Tara, Paige and Cooper Uebelhor, Marvin and Vicki Eisenhut, Mike and Penny Eisenhut, Herb and Kathy Jarboe, Oliver, Ardella, Michael, Marion, James and Marcia Zehr; April, John, Sophie and Spence Bruce, Kim Cannon, Elenora Tevault,Breanna, Chris, Tiffani, Kinzlee and Noah Britton, Tammy and Randy Kieffner, Kristine, Ella, Noah and Liam Probst; Zack, Jayme, Joey and Cole Cannon, Wilma Jones, Sue Striegel, Elenora Eisenhut, Paige and Janie Lewis, Dave and Shanna Popp, Andrew, Jennifer, Kenadie and Harper Houchin, Jessica, Bob, Gabby, Tyler and Paisley Collins, and Tina and Chloe Terwiske.


Violet Sage Muller was born April 24 to Scott and Jonie Muller. Grandparents are Alfred and Vonda Leistner.

Cale James Cannon was born Oct. 4, 2018, to Zack and Jaymee Cannon. Her grandmother is Kim Cannon and great-grandmother is Wilma Jones.

Liam Joseph Probst was born Oct. 18, 2018, to Ryan and Kristine Probst. Grandparents are Tammy and Randy Kieffner and great-grandparents are Oliver and Ardella Zehr.

Colten Lee Heeke was born April 2 to Isaac and Samantha Heeke. Grandparents are Gene and Kathy Eisenhut and great-grandparents are Marvin and Vicki Eisenhut.


Zack Cannon and Jaymee Wenzel were married Oct. 24, 2018.

Anna Neal and Matt Eisenhut were married Jan. 19. Matt is the son of Mike and Brenda Eisenhut.


There were no deaths in the family this past year.

The next reunion will be held on the second Sunday, June 20. The Anna Harder family will be in charge.

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