Duplexes, assisted living coming to Huntingburg

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HUNTINGBURG — Plans for a new housing complex for those who are 55 and older are in progress in Huntingburg.

Chestnut Gardens will be located next to an assisted-living facility that is also being planned.

The duplex will be be operated separately from the assisted living,” said developer Ruger Kerstiens. “There probably will be some confusion there because they're going to tie together so well.”

The facility and duplexes will be built on land west of North Chestnut Street and south of 12th Street. “It's gonna be a unique project,” Kerstiens said. “On the south portion of the lot we're building an assisted living facility. On the north portion of a lot, we're going to have 12 duplexes.”

Each duplex will be about 1,300 square feet, and ADA compliant to accommodate things like wheelchairs and walkers. They will have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a back patio and a two-car garage.

“It’s going to be all private, market-rate rentals for the 55-friendly community,” Kerstiens said. “We’re finalizing of some plans and getting the contractors ready to go.

Rendering provided

Construction will start on the duplexes this fall. “If everything goes as planned,” Kerstiens said, “our goal is to have four duplexes ready in late spring of 2021.”

The assisted-living facility will be controlled by a private operator that Kerstiens did not name. “The operator reached out and was looking to start the assisted-living facility,” he said. “And we said, ‘We’ve got a group duplex project. Why don't we try to put these together?’ And it really worked out well.”

Kerstiens talked to Huntingburg native Scott Steinkamp of S&S Properties, who felt the city needed the facility. “He said we need assisted living in Huntingburg, and we’re going to make it happen here for the people here,” Kerstiens said. “So we put our heads together. We’re trying to fill a need for the City of Huntingburg, and keep the residents there that want to stay there.”

The land on which the duplexes and assisted-living facility will sit used to be zoned industrial. The Huntingburg Common Council changed that to residential in late July.

“Our master plan is having a community where you can get people of the same age and similar interests all together in one cul-de-sac. You’ll have some friends, some people your age,” Kersteins said. “And then, if there's a couple where one may need to be in assisted living, the other could live inside the duplex and then be just a short walk away to their significant other or friend in the assisted-living facility.

"It's a unique model for Huntingburg.”

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