Dubois factory LEED-certified

From local sources

DUBOIS — Indiana Furniture has achieved Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for New Construction certification for the offices at its manufacturing facility in Dubois from the U.S. Green Building Council.

The LEED rating system takes an integrative approach to developing buildings that are designed to be efficient and have less impact on the environment. LEED for New Construction addresses design and construction activities for both new buildings and major renovations of existing buildings, which include major heating; heating, ventilation and air-conditioning improvements; significant envelope modifications; and major interior rehabilitation.

To achieve the certification and create an overall more efficient and healthy building, the design team planned to gain points in every category. Special attention was given to reduce heat and improve reflection in parking areas and the roof. Water reduction was achieved by using native vegetation requiring no sprinkler system. Inside the building, no-flush toilets and low-flow fixtures reduced water usage. Energy performance was optimized by installing special insulation, a geothermal heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system and low-energy lighting. The renovation was achieved by reusing existing building components or selecting ones available from regional sources.

Indiana Furniture maximized points in the category for indoor environmental quality in part by understanding how products affect the quality of air in commercial buildings. The air inside the building was protected during construction and the company allowed only certified low-emitting products to be used in the design. Additionally, points were earned by daylighting and paying attention to the thermal comfort of workers.

The LEED certification for the Dubois facility is the first for Indiana Furniture.

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