Dubois County Real Estate Tranfers : 12/4

Dawn Linne to David Linne 0.44 acres part of SW SW 13 1N 3W.

Kerstiens Homes & Designs INC to Robert L Ruckriegel and Lovella Ruckriegel lot 601 Autumn Creek III.

Michael Webb and Rebecca Webb to Anthony Eckstein lot 171 Golden Acres IV.

Jacob R. Killian to Linda S. Jones 0.162 acres part of NW NW 3 3S 5W; 0.18 acres part of NW NW 3 3S 5W.

Brandon J Stevens and Abbey A Stevens to Mallory J Thimling and Adam T Thimling lot 32 Red Oak Estates.

Land Sales of Indiana LLC to Ethan Michael Browner 1.5 acres part of NE NW 6 2S 5W.

Progressive Investment Company LLC to Jasper Plaza LLC part of SE SW 36 1S 5W parcel I w/ easement parcel II; part of NE NW 1 2S 5W parcel I continued w/easement parcel II; re-recorded to add omitted parcels from org deed.

Horne Development LP to Red Tailed Hawk Holdings LLC 18.033 part of NW SE 14 1S 5W.

Matt Leinenbach and Brandi Leinenbach to Pfaff Properties LLC lot 53 Joseph Hasenour’s 2nd Addition; lot 54 Joseph Hasenour’s 2nd Addition.

Jasper Properties LLC to Michael Scott Kohler lot 26 Mill Creek Park.

Raymond P Kessner and Jason R Kessner of Kessner Family Trust to Kelly A Green 0.46 acres part of SE NW 33 2S 4W.

Ryan N Wilmes to Ryan N Wilmes and Beth L Wilmes Lot 11 Charles Niehaus First Addition.

Erwin Boeglin and Kevin R Boeglin to Kevin R Boeglin and Kristin M Boeglin 6.01 acres part of SE NE 16 3S 4W w/ exception; 7.39 acres part of SW NW 15 3S; 0.39 acres part of SE NE 16 3S 4W.

Justin D Meinhardt and Joel P Meinhardt to Justin D Meinhardt, Joel P Meinhardt and Jason L Meinhardt lot 249 Ferdinand OT; lot 232 Ferdinand OT.

Donald H Frick and Linda L Gentry of Clara Mae Frick Estate to Benjamin H Frick lot 15 Gerkins Addition Tract I; lot 15 Gerkins Addition Tract 2; lot 15 Gerkins Addition Tract 3.

Frances M Berg, Rebecca Ann Hasenour, Gary Oser, Mark Oser, and Glenn Oser to Connie Hoffman lot 79 Ferdinand OT; lot 90 Ferdinand OT.

Derek R Mullis to Derek R Mullis and April L Mullis lot 4 Celestine Highland Estates First Addition.

Ann T Burger and Gerald J Gutzweiler of Gerald J Gutzweiler Estate to Ann T Burger lot 56 Lake Helmerich Subdivision.

Ann T Burger and Gerald J Gutzweiler of Gerald J Gutzweiler Estate to Ann T Burger lot 14 Ken Becks First Addition.

Fermin Mendez to Oscar D Torres Gameros lot 117 Badendorff III.

Sheila L Buecher, Jayme K McComas and Gloria I Buecher of Gloria I Buecher Estate to KFAM Partners LLC lot 130 Jasper OT.

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