Meeting: Dubois County Contractual Library

The Dubois County Contractual Library Board met Thursday and:

• Elected officers for 2020. The officers are: Steve Scott, president; Heidi Ehrhard, vice president; Gaylene Laubscher, secretary; and Phil Tolbert, treasurer.

• Approved tuition reimbursement requests for Jasmine Vonderheide and AmyJo Lytle who will complete their library certificates this semester.

• Held the annual board of finance meeting and reviewed the library’s investments. The Jasper Public Library Board did the same.

• Heard a report from Dubois Branch Manager Anita Murphy. The branch hosted 516 programs in 2019, up from 263 in 2018. The library is also partnering with Northeast Dubois High School to create book carts. When the library weeds books from its shelves, some of the books will be given to the high school for the carts. Students and staff can take books from the carts to read in their free time.

• Heard that the Dubois Branch printed bookmarks that tell patrons where to find books on sensitive subjects such as abuse, LGBTQ issues and bankruptcy that people might be shy asking about. The bookmarks also remind patrons that self-checkout is an option. Other branches are working on copying the bookmarks.

• Heard that a local small business is having all its employees take Microsoft courses through the library’s Gale database of college courses, which are free with a library card.

• Heard that Marc Steczyk will join the board to take the seat vacated by Kathy Tretter.

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