Don't vote for those in support of corridor

To the editor:

As a mature Christian (one who cares more about God's feelings than my own) I cannot, in good conscience, vote to put anyone in office from a party that leaves God out of it. With that being said, I also cannot vote for Shane Lindauer or anyone else that is trying to usurp the rights of 65,000 electorate by toeing the line of a few pro-Mid-States Corridor special interest corporations.

In the midst of this election cycle I would like the good people of this community to know that six months ago, in March, I wrote to Governor Eric Holcomb and our U.S. Representative Larry Bucshon (all five of his offices) regarding the Mid-States Corridor, but neither had the courtesy to reply. In recent days, I've spoken to Kenneth Brosmer, Chad Blessinger, Nick Hostetter, Sonya Haas and Mike Kluesner, all of which are pro-Corridor and on the ballot. Also on the ballot is Kitty Merkley who is "on-the-fence" (we know what that means) and Katie Schuck who doesn't know anything about the Corridor, which makes them as good as pro-Corridor.

Those of us with our homes, property and businesses in harm's-way are asking and praying that the rest of the community not grace these people with your vote. Please spread the word to help and support us the way you would want us to support you if your homes and property were in harm's way (Matthew 7:12 and 25:40).

It is also important to remember that in March, I also wrote to Senator Mike Braun at all five of his offices, Senator Todd Young at all five of his offices, and State Senator Erin Houchin regarding the Corridor. Once again, I received no replies. While these people are not up for re-election yet, I assure you, just like Jasper Mayor Dean Vonderheide and Huntingburg Mayor Denny Spinner, they are counting on your short-term memory once they are. When their time comes, please do not forget who couldn't be bothered by the folks who stand to lose their homes and land to the Corridor. I know I won't!

— Patricia Crain

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