Don’t judge another person before you know all the facts

To the editor:

We are only too happy to judge a person and cast them aside before we learn all the facts.

Do we even try to get to know the person in question? Look them in the eye? Spend some time with them? Listen to their side of the story? Then draw our own conclusions? Over and over we are taught about mercy, kindness and forgiveness. Not to judge. Give second chances. Leave the past in the past. Fresh starts. Yet, how many of us can honestly say we do it?

To everything there is a season. A season to be silent, a season to speak. Seasons change, as do people. The whole story needs to be told. We owe a person that much. To listen to them. To hear their side of the story. Then we can decide for ourselves who a person really is.

We have no idea how a person feels or who they are because we never ask them or give them the opportunity to speak. A person can and does apologize for their mistakes. Asking for our forgiveness. They have served their time, paid their debt. That person no longer exists. The impulsiveness of their youth has taught them patience. The indifference that haunted them has taught them compassion. The measure of a person is not what they have done in the past, but what they have learned from it. Stop judging, start understanding.

—Karen M. Neu

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