Update: Dog recovering as fundraiser continues

Photo courtesy of Jordan Wehr
Kloe the dog.


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JASPER — The Dubois County Humane Society is trying to save a dog badly injured in a hit-and-run accident on Third Avenue in Jasper earlier this week.

“She is such a sweetie,” said Jordan Wehr, one of the volunteers who picked up the dog from the Jasper Police Department. “All she wants to do is snuggle.”

Kloe, a 1-year-old chihuahua mix, is suffering from three pelvic fractures, a femur fracture and tapeworms. Kloe was taken to East Pines Vet Clinic in Boonville. The clinic specializes in orthopedic surgeries and operated on Kloe twice Wednesday afternoon.

“Both surgeries took a couple hours, but went very well,” Wehr said. “Dr. (Jeff) Mauck is very confident that both surgeries were a success.”

Kloe will stay at East Pines for monitoring. She still has considerable swelling and isn’t up moving yet, Wehr said. East Pines staff will administer laser treatments to reduce the swelling and pain. The vet expects to release Kloe on Monday when she will go into foster care with a Dubois County Humane Society volunteer.

The estimated vet costs for Kloe are about $5,000, more than the organization can afford. Volunteers have been running a fundraising campaign on Facebook since Tuesday night. So far, the campaign has raised just less than $3,000, mostly in $10 and $20 donations. An anonymous donor has agreed to pay whatever portion of Kloe’s bill donations aren’t raised, said Andrea Hedinger, Dubois County Humane Society board president.

Kloe came to the shelter after a passerby and Jasper police officers picked her up near Gudorf Supply on the south side of the city Sunday afternoon. Police called the humane society for assistance with the call.  A post on the humane society’s Facebook page says, “She was laying in the middle of the road in horrible pain when our crew arrived.”

DCHS ran a similar fundraiser after a dog was hit on I-64 in Ferdinand two years ago. The dog, named Mr. Biggs by shelter staff, required orthopedic surgery on a badly broken leg. He made it through the surgery and was adopted by a family in Odon shortly after, Hedinger said.

“His was only around $2,500, so (Kloe) is definitely our most extensive project to date as far as cost and scope of the surgery,” Hedinger said. “We definitely get injured and sick dogs, but this one is pretty rare.”

The Dubois County Humane Society is a no-kill shelter run solely through donations from the public and money collected through adoption fees. Donations can be made at www.duboiscountyhumane.org/paypal-donations.html or at the shelter, 426 Wernsing Road, Jasper. Any surplus donations will go to the medical costs of other animals in the shelter’s care.

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