DOE: Minimal interruptions again in ISTEP testing

By The Associated Press

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Department of Education is giving schools another two days to administer required standardized tests after computer troubles caused them to be halted on Monday and Tuesday, leading to fewer students taking the tests Wednesday and Thursday.

Department spokesman Daniel Altman said schools now have until May 17 to complete ISTEP+ online testing, five school days later than originally planned. The DOE had announced Tuesday it was adding three more testing days because of the problems.

“We’re hoping that schools can finish in the testing window, however we will work with them to make sure they have the time they need,” he said.

Some school districts had expressed concern about getting the testing completed because the Education Department has asked them to reduce the number of students taking the test by half on Wednesday and Thursday to try to avoid the computer problems experienced earlier in the week. The department is asking school to continue to allow only half the students to take the test Friday.

Department officials say more than 345,000 testing sessions were completed Thursday, up from more than 300,000 sessions on Wednesday. More than 1 million testing sessions have been completed this week, but the department says that’s about 41 percent of what was expected.

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