Do what real patriots do

To the editor:

While I have never liked or trusted Donald Trump, and I have some bones to pick with Senator Mike Braun over a handful of social and political reforms I wish he would support to my liking, I have to say that this nonsense of some people calling for Mike Braun to resign after the Capitol Hill protest on Jan. 6 is beyond absurd. Those that are calling for Mike Braun to resign for standing up for the legal process of investigating the election results, are themselves trying to disrupt the very system of government they claim was violated by the protesters, by trying to steal away Mike Braun's election. Mike braun did nothing wrong in this matter and did not cause this event to happen. I have known Mike Braun for 25 years and he was always nice to me when we met each other, long before he got into politics.

As for the protesters, while certainly some of them were wacky goofballs, I think it was Thomas Jefferson that said a little revolution is a good thing from time to time. It is too bad that Americans that claim to be Christians do not do what Jesus did by confronting authority, and get riled up and go out and protest weekly in order to reform this corrupt militaristic spy police state whose boot heel we have been living under for decades. Where are all the flag-waving church-going American patriots? Voting in elections and sticking a flag on your mailbox is the least you can do. Speaking out, protesting, writing letters, pointing out corruption, challenging those in power and risking backlash from people in power is what real patriots do.

—Shane Zoglman

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