Do we need the police?

To the editor:

If we want law and order, we better believe we need the police. Are they perfect? Are we perfect? Just because some police do wrong, it is wrong for us to judge the whole. Every profession has the good and bad among them.

When a crime is committed against us, we know who to call. They are available 24 hours a day.

The police lay down their lives for our safety. When they leave home, they and their families don’t know if they will see home again. Police are being killed in and out of uniform. Not everyone is cut out for this line of work.

When I do wrong, I am accountable for my actions. Just like a policeman is accountable for his actions. There is a higher degree of danger for a policeman to make a wrong decision. We are talking about lives being in danger. I don’t think I can understand the pressure the police go through.

I know I could easily develop a bad attitude for people who do the same crime over and over and get off easy. I have sat in court when a policeman was on the witness stand. He was torn to shreds by lawyers. This should not be allowed.

I am thankful for the police force we do have. I highly respect you and the work you do to protect our community.

—Sandra Hopf

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