Disrespect for the president continues

To the editor:

In my 86 years, I have never experienced such disrespect for the office of the president.

The lies and untruths that are being spread by the news media, people and candidates are shameful and disrespectful.

Perhaps Trump should let some things unsaid but he is a businessman and not a politician. Maybe our politicians should start to do something for their constituents and get to work instead of doing nothing and arguing. They should start working more than 12 to 16 hours per week. They are only interested in retiring in two terms with full insurance and retirement benefits.

Let us think about the economy, jobs, stock market, low unemployment and all that has happened and perhaps Trump has done more than any other president since Reagan.

Are we better off now than we were four to six years ago? Did you see the ovation at the LSU/Clemson game?

—Stanley A. Schnell

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