Deep Democratic roots

To the Editor:

A recent letter to The Herald claimed that Democrats are Communists, Marxists, and “tyrants.” To that writer I say be careful when you swipe a whole group of people with such a broad brush because you might smear some of your own neighbors who will be greatly offended by your accusations. I’ve been a registered Democrat my whole adult life but I am repulsed by your claim that I am sympathetic to Communism. My own family still has ties to relatives in their native eastern European country, and those relatives actually lived through the horrors of Communism for over 45 years. I have absolutely no sympathy for that ideology and, therefore, I take your false labeling of me as personal defamation bordering on libel.

Speaking of totalitarian ideologies, how about the current national Republican Party strategy for “winning” elections? Because they know they can’t win just by promoting “the big lie” or their bankrupt policies, they are trying to usurp the election process itself everywhere they can. Hundreds of laws are being promoted in state legislatures right now to limit who can vote and who will have final say over vote tallies. By imposing greater partisan control over the whole voting process they will be able to simply throw out any results they don’t like and replace them with more favorable ones. This is supposed to be a country of majority rule, except when the current Republican hierarchy doesn’t like what the majority wants. Isn’t that the opposite of what democracy is supposed to be? Talk about rigging the system and stealing elections!

Just FYI, when I first came to Dubois County as a newlywed in the late 1950s, politically it was the complete opposite of what it is now. Republicans were the scarce ones. If you scratch the surface of many local families, you won’t have to go far to find deep Democratic roots; the family of our own senator, Mike Braun, is a good example and there are many more. I liked those old days better. People were kinder and more respectful of one another then.

—Maggie Birge

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