Decent Americans can’t support Trump’s agenda

To the editor:

There are a lot of nice candidates from both parties running for public office in our great state. The problem is that many feel they are obliged to support the current Republican Trump agenda.

President Trump directed children to be taken from parents seeking asylum in the U.S. with no plan to ever reunite them; withdrew from the UN Human Rights Council; praises cruel dictatorships like North Korea by agreeing that the U.S. military was wrong and is, in fact, “provoking” them with “war games”; lets himself be played by dictators; attacks our country’s closest allies, like telling Canadians there is a “special place in hell” for them, calling them “backstabbers”; shows no respect for Mother Nature by dismantling the Environmental Protection Agency policies designed to protect honey bees and butterflies (our essential pollinators); shows complete disregard to the U.S. Constitution he swore to protect by (1) using his public position for monetary gain for himself and family and (2) calling the press the same as Stalin and Hitler did, “the enemy of the people”; has added trillions to the national debt; threatens to take taxpayer dollars from Social Security and Medicare to fund budget shortfalls; brags he can commit any crime and pardon himself.

This president insists on holding secret talks with Putin and with Kim Jong Un. Only he and our adversaries know what was said. He appears to our friends as a weak and incompetent leader. Being a white supremacist, he calls American Nazi and KKK members “good people,” and refers to blacks as low life, low mentality and dogs. According to his long-time private attorney, Michael Cohen, he made secret payments to his mistresses while his wife was giving birth to their child.

Sadly, I cannot support any Republican running for office who does not refute the actions and agenda of this current president. Regardless of political party, I do not understand how any decent American could support this “Trump agenda.”

—Dan Barrett

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