Deadline nears for Hoosier Homestead submissions

By Herald Staff

Throughout Indiana, many owners of Hoosier Homestead Farms have submitted their farm history for inclusion in the upcoming book, "Hoosier Homestead Farms: Honoring Farm Legacy in Indiana." However, time is running out to do so as the deadline of Aug. 31 is nearing.

If you own a farm that’s been recognized as one of the nearly 6,000 Hoosier Homestead Farms, you are asked to submit a free, 300-word history of your farm and a photo for the book. Your farm history and photo are included in the book regardless of whether you purchase a copy or not.

Information you should include: year farm started, how many generations have worked/owned it, crops grown, places you sell your crops, year your farm was inducted as a Hoosier Homestead Farm, etc. You can also visit the publisher’s website,, and find the Hoosier Homestead book cover on the front page and fill out your farm history form there.

Also, reserve your copy of this book for only $59.95 now at or by calling Acclaim Press at 573-472-9800. They have published farming heritage books in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma, and take great pride in preserving farming history across America.

If your farm is a Hoosier Homestead Farm and you haven’t submitted your farm history, do so immediately so you don’t miss out. If you know someone who owns a Hoosier Homestead Farm, tell them they need to submit their farm history and ensure they are included in this one-of-a-kind book before the deadline of Aug. 31.

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