Crossroads Behavioral Health to reopen after repairs


HUNTINGBURG — Crossroads Behavioral Health in Huntingburg has been closed, but will reopen in the next couple of months, a representative of Assurance Health said.

“We’ll have that back open sometime in late February, early March,” said Dewayne Long of Assurance Health. “It is closed right now, for safety reasons. It has been closed for a few months.”

The geriatric behavioral health facility originally opened in part of the former St. Joseph’s Hospital building in May, but was shut down for repairs, Long explained Wednesday.

“It was an old building that we and the owners remodeled. We had some elevator issues,” he said. “There are two elevator units side by side. One was working, one wasn’t. The units are on the second floor. So we had to close it temporarily, to put a new elevator in.”

Long said it will take eight to 12 weeks to complete the installation.

Assurance Health of Indianapolis, which is part of Healthcare Services Management, worked with owners Huntingburg Partners to construct and manage the facility. Representatives of Huntingburg Partners could not be reached for comment.

Crossroads opened with 16 beds on the facility’s second floor, with rooms housing two patients. A dining area, nurses station and activities room were also on the second floor, as well as storage space, medical offices and a conference room and break room for the staff.

But realizing that extensive work needed to be done on the elevator, the owners agreed to close the facility. That included laying off the staff.

“With the safety of staff and patients and with having the units on the second floor, with only one elevator unit, we just felt like it was going to be in the best interest of everything to go ahead and put it on hold,” Long said. “Let’s get these other elevators working and make sure everybody’s safe.”

Long said he is now working on rehiring staff for the facility.

“Right now we’re in the process of re-engaging staff and completing the repairs. Some staff will be the same staff and some will be new,” he said. “For some staff, when we had to lay people off, I’m sure they found other jobs.

“So we’ll be reaching out to everyone who was there before and see if you can if he wants to come back,” Long said. “And then we’ll go from there.”

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