Crews move forward with Jasper roadwork


JASPER — While parts of the world sit still, work on and around Jasper streets will soon ramp up.

Chad Hurm, the city’s engineer, detailed two projects that are slated to kickoff in the near future. In addition to them, the Indiana Department of Transportation’s resurfacing of U.S. 231 through the city is still on pace to wrap up in early August, and a long list of miscellaneous road repairs will soon be made across the city.

U.S. 231 in Jasper

Pavement rehabilitation and resurfacing work taking place on U.S. 231 in Jasper is still on schedule. Weather permitting, it will be finalized by the beginning of August.

“As far as that project goes, we’re very fortunate,” said Jason Tiller, a district communications director at INDOT. “COVID-19 has not really presented us [with] a ton of challenges as far as contract work goes. Our message from the commissioner of INDOT has been that we will continue to deliver our projects in the same manner as if we were not under a stay-at-home order.”

He said that the organization’s employees and contractors are essential, adding that “roadwork is something that we have to do regardless.” Tiller detailed how crews undertaking the pavement rehabilitation project in Jasper are currently fixing areas where the pavement has weakened or deteriorated.

Once those have all been repaired, a new driving surface will be laid on the 2.8 miles between Bartley Street and 37th Street. Upgrades for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, including the installation of curb ramps, are also part of the project.

Total, the work is estimated to cost $3,071,656.

Those wanting to see the most up-to-date information about the work can do so by browsing the interactive project map at

The highway is set to be resurfaced in Huntingburg from 19th Avenue to Sunset Drive beginning in the spring of 2021.

Jasper street projects

A widening project that will also bring other enhancements to Portersville Road on the city’s north side is slated to begin in the coming weeks and wrap up before classes begin at the new Jasper Elementary School on Aug. 12.

Funded partially by a Community Crossings matching grant valued at $264,162.50, the endeavor will address the stretch of pavement Between Ackerman Road and 47th Street. Hurm said the opening of the new school “kind of pushed up the timetable on it,” incentivizing the project, which has been on the city’s radar for years.

As part of the work, storm sewer improvements and replacements will also be made, and a 6-foot-wide asphalt walking path will be constructed along the east side of the widened road.

“Just from a public safety standpoint, the road’s narrow there,” Hurm said. “A lot of people walking up and down it, so there’s been a lot of concern about that.”

34th Street will experience improvements through a different project. Just off of Leslie Drive, a roughly 400-foot stretch of the road will be widened. In the future, it will connect to the Autumn Creek III subdivision currently being built by Kerstiens Homes.

“There’s a section of roadway in there that, years ago, was never widened,” Hurm explained. “No curb and gutter. So, we are going to widen that section of that road, put in storm sewers, put in curb and gutter, and then match into the cul-de-sac that is being built for Autumn Creek.”

Total, that work will cost $144,485. The 34th Street enhancements will be done in conjunction with the cul-de-sac construction, and Hurm estimated they will begin in mid- to late May.

Storm sewer projects will also start on Newton Street, between Eighth Street and Ninth Street, as well as at the intersection of Sixth Street and Newton Street, in the not-too-distant future. The goal is for both of those to be completed by early- to mid-June.

Sidewalk rehabilitation and additions

Sidewalks are already being addressed in certain areas of the city. Hurm explained that crews will concentrate on improving the concrete paths along both sides of Newton Street, between 10th Street and 15th Street, through the early summer.

“Some areas we’re going to keep, others we’re going to tear out and replace,” he said.

In addition to that stretch, survey and design work is currently taking place along another stretch of Newton — from Schuetter Road to Northwood Avenue. That area currently has no sidewalk, but city officials want to change that.

While the side of the road it will run on has not been determined, Hurm spoke of how the new path would further increase connectivity in the city.

“That was a project that the mayor wanted to move to the forefront,” he explained. “So, we’re going to do that this summer. We have a lot of people walking up and down the highway there with no sidewalk.”

Additional work

This summer, stretches of city streets will undergo various pavement preservation projects. They are detailed below.

According to Street Commissioner Jeff Theising, liquid road projects replenish binder that is lost through oxidation and weathering while providing a slip-resistant, durable surface treatment. The material has a black color that gives old, oxidized pavement a like-new surface.

Liquid Road

• Eisenhower Avenue from Brames Road to Justin Street

• Schroeder Avenue from Brames Road to Justin Street

• Giesler Road from Church Avenue to its dead end

• Kaywood Lane from Second Street to its south end

• Cambridge Court, both north and south of Second Street

• Gatsby Court, both north and south of Second Street

• Shelyn Drive from Kluemper Road to Sunshine Drive

• Keystone Court from 15th Street to Valley View Drive

• Brownstone Court cul-de-sac north of 20th Street

Theising wrote in an email that rejuvenating projects can delay the road aging process and reverse any premature aging that is caused by environmental damage from the sun’s UV rays and water intrusion. They can add between five and seven years to a roadway’s service life. This treatment’s agent is usually applied in the first couple of years of a new pavement’s lifetime.


• Meridian Road from Hemlock Drive to State Road 164

• Hemlock Drive from Meridian Road to Maplecrest Boulevard

• Holy Family Drive from Third Avenue to Holy Family Catholic Church

• Main Street from Seventh Street to Ninth Street

• Franklin Street from 13th Street to 14th Street

• East 13th Street from Newton Street to Jackson Street

• Emily Street from Sixth Street to 13th Street

• West 10th Street from Dorbett Street to Carroll Street

• Crestwood Drive from Gun Club Road to its dead end

• University Drive from Gun Club Road to Grandview Drive

• Dogwood Drive from 31st Street to Foxridge Drive

• Foxridge Drive from 31st Street to Grassland Hills Road

• Terry Lane from 25th Street to Cathy Lane

• 25th Street from Cathy Lane to Mill Street

• The west section of 100 South

• Portersville Road from 47th Street to the north city limit

• West 13th Street from Newton Street to Bartley Street

• Rees Street from 14th Street to 15th Street

• West 14th Street from Brescher Street to Rees Street

• Brescher Street

• Willow Lane

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