Court News: 6/15

Editor's Note: News of Record's Court News gives the final dissemination of court rulings and traffic cases in Dubois Circuit Court and Dubois Superior Court.

Circuit Court


Carol A Griffey, 1491 E Jasper Dubois Rd, Jasper, check deception under $750 (MA), plea by agreement.

Jeffrey L Fight, 2644 Oak St, Bristow, child molesting (F4, four counts), plea by agreement.

Jeremiah J Tredway, 1644 E 420 S, Huntingburg, domestic battery committed in the presence of a child less than 16 (F6), plea by agreement.

Michael D Cllouse, 2200 N Mill St, Jasper, disorderly conduct (MB), plea by agreement.

Superior Court

Small Claims

Judgment for Cristina Schuler-Cyrill and Nicolle Cyrill of Jasper vs. Kendra Fischer and Marc Schroy of Jasper, $2,615 plus court costs and interest.

Judgment for Procol vs. Palmore Parish, Holland, $541.15 plus court costs and interest.

Judgment for Medical of Dubois vs. Tammy I Willis, Huntingburg, $326.42 plus court costs and interest.

Judgment for Medical & Professional Collection Services, Inc. vs. Tammy I Willis, Huntingburg, $979.53 plus court costs and interest.


Lewis G Rogers, 591 S Overhead Bridge Rd, Taswell, possession of marijuana (MB), plea by agreement.

Brandie M Christmas, 10796 E Mary Ct, Huntingburg, theft (MA), plea by agreement.

Alejandra Mora, 4060 Wilhelm Strasse, Jasper, false informing (MB), plea by agreement.

Karolina N Vazquez Lopez, 602 W 7th St, Jasper, possession of marijuana (MB), plea guilty.

Valerie L Messmer, 5550 S Club Rd, Huntingburg, possession of methamphetamine (F6) and operating a vehicle while intoxicated with prior conviction (F6), plea by agreement.

Samantha J Wright, 1230 2nd Ave, Jasper, possession of methamphetamine (F6), possession of marijuana (MB), possession of paraphernalia (MC), plea by agreement.

Blake A Schmitt, 132 E 36th St, Jasper, operating a vehicle with suspended registration (MC), driving while suspended (IFA), plea by agreement.

Aaron A Haller, 318 N Geiger St, Huntingburg, driving while suspended (MA), plea guilty.

Baileigh J Baker, 8623 W St Rd 56, Jasper, theft (MA, two counts), plea by agreement.

William J Pickard, 1026 Dresden Ave, Louisville, KY, operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person (MA), plea by agreement.

Breanna K Hart, 500 W Warnock St, Princeton, public intoxication (MB), plea by agreement.


Fined for failure of occupant to use safety belt: Kermit E Underhill, Winslow; Rachel L Leclere, Birdseye; Nicholas R Blue, Jasper; Brian K Neukam, Jasper; Katrina M Lynch, Birdseye; Alan J Hanselman; Rolando Mejia, Arlington, VA; Todd M Senninger, Jasper.

Fined for operating with expired plates: Alexander M Bogan, Louisville, KY; Usman A Sulaeman, Jasper.

Fined and costs for speeding: Corey A Davis, Troy; Katherine A Melendez-Serrano, Jasper;David W Whippo, Evansville (also fined for driving while suspended); Lonnie J Chapman, Paoli; Bernard A Weber, St. Meinrad.

Fined for no valid driver’s license: Brandon J Wilkie, Jasper; Arturo A Sergio, Evansville.

Fined for passing a stopped school bus when arm is out and activated: Amanda D Sturgeon, Jasper; Denise M Poehlein, Holland.

Fined for disregarding an official traffic control device: Sarah J Brock, Jasper.

Fined for knowingly authorizing a violation of IC: Deven Shake, Huntingburg.

Fined for driving while suspended: Mindy G Wright, Otwell; Jaclyn M Barnett, Evansville.

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