Couple honored with German Heritage Award

By Herald Staff

Al and Judy Bennett

The Jasper German Club, Jasper Partnership Commission and Sister Cities of Jasper, Inc. have presented the 2020 German Heritage Award to Al and Judy Bennett.

The annual German Heritage Award, which has been presented 22 years, is awarded to an individual or group who has contributed generously his/her or their time, talents or resources to maintaining, improving or building upon the German roots in Dubois County. The recognition is open to all individuals who give what they can in order to make a difference.

Mr. and Mrs. Bennett have been members of the Jasper DeutscherVerein since the early 1980s. They have hosted visitors from Pfaffenweiler, Germany, on several occasions and their oldest daughter was a member of one of the first Jasper High School exchange groups. Al served as vice president of the DeutscherVerein 2007 and 2008 and was president from 2009 to 2010. He remains on the club's board of directors.

Under Al's leadership, the DeutscherVerein purchased a 40-foot trailer to house and transport Strassenfest supplies and was recognized for the club's continued contributions to ROJAC to support the “Wasserrad Terrasse” which translates to the Waterwheel Terrace at the Jasper City Mill. The DeutscherVerein also celebrated its 30th birthday during his tenure as president.

Judy has been the “artist” of the Jasper DeutscherVerein. She was instrumental in designing and painting the header of the DeutscherVerein food stand and continues to repaint and refurbish it as needed. She designed the Tannenbaum plaques that were carved and was one of the artists on the mural at Sixth and Newton streets in Jasper.

She also redesigned, refurbished and repainted the photo-op boards, which the DeutscherVerein obtained.

While her husband was president and vice president of the DeutscherVerein, Judy was at his side as Mrs. President and Mrs. Vice President.

The Bennetts have two daughters and three grandchildren.

Past recipients of the German Heritage Award are Mary Jo Meuser, Claude and Martina Eckert, Dave Buehler, Linus and Sally Lechner, Joe and Irene C. Eckerle, Danny and Linda Wehr, Leo and Lora Lou Eckerle, the late Lowell and Joan Glendening, Dave and Janet Kluemper, Rafe and Phyllis Ackerman, Vic and Monica Knies, Gary and Rita Egler, Patti Goepfrich, Larry and Betty Hanselman, Ron and Delli Keusch, Jim and Rita Corn, Lois Kuntz, Stan Jochum, Mike and Ann Ackerman, Father John Boeglin and Rosie Stewart.

The club's Lifetime Achievement Award Winner was Matthias Hilger.


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