County’s census response is top in state


So far, 63.7% of Dubois County’s households have filled out the 2020 Census, making the county the top county in the state in its response rate. The county is also tied for 20th place in the United States.

“I’m pleased that people have been filling it out,” said Becky Beckman, head of the Dubois County census committee. “I wasn’t sure what to expect with all the changes that’s happened recently.”

Having a 63.7% response rate means that 36.3% of the population has not yet responded, and that group will get the paper questionnaires.

“We need fair and accurate data to help us get the representation we deserve, and every dollar we can scratch for,” Beckman said.

The response rates for Dubois County’s municipalities are 64% for Jasper, 61% for Ferdinand, 52.4% for Huntingburg, 52.3% for Birdseye, and 50.2% for Holland.

The percentages for townships within the county, from highest to lowest, are:

• Hall: 76.8%

• Jackson: 74.1%

• Madison: 72.4%

• Harbison: 67.3%

• Boone: 66.5%

• Jefferson: 65.5%

• Ferdinand: 65.2%

• Bainbridge: 63.8%

• Marion: 63.5%

• Cass: 60.9%

• Columbia: 60.2%

• Patoka: 54.8%

“You can tell the ones that have had to learn how to get support for everything they have in their communities,” Beckman said. “They know that if they want to get something, they’re all going to have to fundraise and drum up support to get it. Well, now we’re all in that place. So we have to drum up the support, and get our friends and neighbors to fill this out.”

Indiana ranks No. 13 in the country, with 51.3% of residents responding. The response percentage for the United States is 47.9%.

To see the percentages and rankings for communities locally and around the country, visit

For those who have not yet responded, paper forms will start arriving in mailboxes this week, a census spokesman said. And doing that is important, especially now, he said.

“The information we are collecting right now are vital to our understanding of the effect of this pandemic, and planning our response in the future,” the spokesman said. “And we can limit person-to-person contact this summer by reducing the need to visit non-responding households.

To complete the census online, go to If you do not have a census ID number, select “If you do not have a Census ID” at the beginning of the questionnaire.

To complete the census by phone, call 844-330-2020 for English or 844-468-2020 for Spanish.

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