County warns to take social distancing seriously

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There is significant concern that many people are not taking the recommendations and guidelines seriously when it comes to the order to stay home and continue to practice social distancing, according to Dubois County Health Officer Dr. Ted Waflart.

“For those of you who are following the guidelines, I thank you very much,” he said. “For those of you who are not, I cannot stress enough, for the welfare of our county please follow the guidelines and directives of our leaders.”

The Dubois County Health Department reports two confirmed COVID-19 cases in Dubois County residents.

Waflart said the following points must be understood and taken seriously:

• Social distancing must be maintained. This means do not hang out or travel with others who live outside of your home.

• If you cannot maintain social distancing, such as while exercising outdoors, then stay home. There have been large groups of people using the public walking trails. Please use common sense and work to exercise in more secluded areas to practice social distancing.

• Do not socialize with others outside of your household: No sleepovers, parties, play dates for children; No get-togethers or carpooling with people outside of your home. Groups of people playing or practicing sports together is not practicing social distancing. Even neighborhood children should not be getting together.

• All businesses must close if they are not critical to the needs of our community or nation.

• If businesses must continue to operate, it is critically important to follow the social distancing and hygiene recommendations for the workforce.

• Remind people if you see that they are not following social distancing guidelines. Continue to be a support and encouragement for each other; encourage friends, neighbors, and family members to get strict with these practices. Praise each other for doing the right thing. Find ways to connect with one another through technology, phone calls and mail. Social distancing does not mean social isolation.

• Maintaining the guidelines for staying home, proper hygiene and social distancing are our only weapons against the virus. The spread of this virus is reaching critical levels in the U.S. and we must do our absolute best to mitigate the spread in Dubois County. The longer social distancing is not practiced, the longer we will be impacted by this crisis. Everyone is responsible.

“As your Dubois County Health Officer,” Waflart said, “I am thanking all of you for the sacrifices that you are making and will continue to make until we reach the end of this crisis.”

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