County voters to have choices on ballot


County voters will have several leadership choices on the Nov. 6 general election ballot, as many county positions have a Republican and Democratic candidate running.

As for the May 8 primary election, Birdseye voters selecting a Democratic ballot will see the most interesting primary races. They will decide which three Birdseye Town Council candidates will move on to the fall election. Their four choices are Mary Ann Cummings, Clyde Huff, Lisa Huff, and Roy Partenheimer. The two candidates on the Republican ticket — Priscilla Atkins, Bret Eckert — will automatically move on to the fall election.

Democrat voters in Birdseye will also choose a Democratic candidate for clerk. Incumbent Brittany Schepers and current town Councilwoman Kelly Wiseman are running for the seat.

Voters will also have some choices in primary races for statewide and national seats.

Republican voters will choose Mike Braun, Luke Messer (Allen Lucas Messer) or Todd Rokita to run against Democratic incumbent Joe Donnelly for U.S. senator in the November election; they will also select incumbent Larry Bucshon, Richard Moss or Rachel Covington to run for the District 8 U.S. representative seat in the fall.

Democratic voters will select either Ron Drake or William Tanoos to run for the District 8 U.S. representative seat; they will also choose Dennis Tedrow or Joseph Lannan to go on to the general election for the District 63 state representative seat.

Candidates had to file with the county clerk’s office for county seats and with the Indiana Election Division by noon Friday. Candidates who filed had until noon Monday to withdraw their name from the primary.

The following is the list of candidates that will be on the May 8 primary ballots in Dubois County.


U.S. Senator: Joseph S. Donnelly

U.S. Representative District 8: Ron Drake and William Tanoos

State Representative District 63: Dennis Tedrow and Joseph Lannan

State Representative District 74: Larry K. Kleeman

State Senator District 47: Nick Siler

County Commissioner District 2: Elmer Brames

County Council District 1: Craig M. Greulich

County Council District 2: Mary E. “Becky” Beckman

County Council District 3: Deborah Major

County Assessor: Angela “Angie” Giesler

County Auditor: Sandy Morton

County Clerk: Kiersten Knies

County Prosecutor: Anthony Quinn

County Recorder: Gail (Hasenour) Reutman

County Sheriff: Tim Lampert

Bainbridge Township Trustee: Ken Buck

Bainbridge Township Advisory Board (three seats): Kenneth L. Hulsman, David Spellmeyer and James A. Schroeder

Cass Township Trustee: James K. Meyer

Cass Township Advisory Board (three seats): Lee Bilderback, Steve Eckert and Lisa Matthews

Ferdinand Township Trustee: David M. Kemper

Ferdinand Township Advisory Board (three seats): Albert Dilger and Michael Lindauer

Hall Township Trustee: Alan Thewes

Hall Township Advisory Board (three seats): Fred Lampert

Jackson Township Trustee: Sylvester L. Voegerl

Jackson Township Advisory Board (three seats): Dan Oeding and Gregory Welp

Jefferson Township Trustee: Brian King

Jefferson Township Advisory Board (three seats): Charlene Atkins and Lisa Striegel

Madison Township Advisory Board (three seats): Pat Lichlyter

Marion Township Trustee: Clarence Reckelhoff

Marion Township Advisory Board (three seats): Eugene A. Bachman, James K. Hasenour and Randy Lueken

Patoka Township Advisory Board (three seats): Roland Terwiske and Larry J. Ferguson

Birdseye Town Council (three seats): Mary Ann Cummings, Clyde Huff, Lisa Huff and Roy Partenheimer

Birdseye Clerk-Treasurer: Brittany Schepers and Kelly Wiseman



U.S. Senator: Mike Braun, Luke Messer (Allen Lucas Messer) and Todd Rokita

U.S. Representative District 8: Larry Bucshon, Richard Moss and Rachel Covington

State Representative District 63: Shane Lindauer

State Representative District 74: Stephen R. Bartels

State Senator District 47: Erin Houchin

State Senator District 48: Mark Messmer

County Council District 2: Darren Patterson

County Council District 3: Charmian Klem

County Council District 4: Jerry Hunefeld

County Assessor: Eve Drew

County Clerk: Amy L. Kippenbrock

County Recorder: Jaclyn “Jackie” McPherron

County Sheriff: Tom Kleinhelter

Boone Township Trustee: Mark Kieffner

Boone Township Advisory Board (three seats): Kimberly Hoffman and Pamela Weisheit-Hart

Cass Township Advisory Board (three seats): Randy Boehm

Columbia Township Trustee: Larry Gene Hall

Columbia Township Advisory Board (three seats): Donald E. Harrison, Larry Mickler and James Leon Wineinger

Hall Township Advisory Board (three seats): Kevin Knies

Harbison Township Trustee: Marvin Eisenhut

Harbison Township Advisory Board (three seats): Dalcus Fuhrman, Larry Jones and Mary Zehr

Madison Township Trustee: Scott Blazey

Madison Township Advisory Board (three seats): Mark Schmitt and Alan Small

Patoka Township Trustee: Don Astrike

Patoka Township Advisory Board (three seats): Cynthia Fehribach

Birdseye Town Council (three seats): Priscilla Atkins and Bret Eckert

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