County to expand Ferdinand recycling, trash site


FERDINAND — Traffic at the county’s recycling center in Ferdinand has increased, to the point that cars have been waiting in line at the site on Ferdinand Road Northwest.

While that is good for recycling, it’s not good that traffic has backed up on the county road, County Highway Superintendent Steve Berg explained to the Dubois County Commissioners last week.

“The site is in a curve,” he said. “It’s really dangerous, especially on a Saturday as traffic backs up.”

Berg plans to address the traffic backup as early as this week. And he has a longer-range plan for the recyclables and trash that is picked up from the site weekly.

Currently, work is being done to fix St. Anthony Road West. Dirt that is no longer suitable for the road is being removed and replaced. That dirt can be used for other purposes. Berg plans to use some to extend the Ferdinand recycling site south.

“That way, the traffic can pull in and get in line,” Berg said, “and be off the road.”

He hopes that will be completed in the next couple of months.

In the future, a trash compactor will likely be added to the site and former trash boxes will be used for collecting recyclables.

“We’re in there three days a week just hauling trash away, on top of all the recyclables,” Berg said. “There is enough traffic there that we can justify putting in a compactor.”

When that happens, most of the 14 trash bins will be made into recycling bins. A few of the bins will be kept and used for trash when the compactor gets full, Berg said.

But that addition won’t happen quickly because of financial reasons. “That’s could be the end of next year,” Berg said.

And he wants to do more planning for the site before he implements the changes. For instance, he wants to build a shed for oil recycling, like the sheds at the Huntingburg and Jasper sites. And additional gates will need to be installed when the compactor is added and bins are repurposed.

“In the future, [it] could have as many as 30 boxes there,” he said. “This is a long-range plan.”

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