County tied at No. 1 in July jobs report


Dubois, Elkhart and Bartholomew counties tied for the lowest unemployment in the state in July, according to a new state report.

July numbers show Dubois, Elkhart and Bartholomew counties with 2.6 percent unemployment rates. Elkhart County is in northern Indiana, east of South Bend. Bartholomew County is home to Columbus and is east of Bloomington.

Previously, Dubois and Elkhart counties had been tied for the runner-up rate — 2.7 percent — with LaGrange County at No. 1 in June.

The state’s highest July unemployment — 5.8 percent — was in Vermillion County, which is north of Terre Haute along the Indiana-Illinois border. Vermillion County’s rate was up two-tenths of a percentage point from the previous month.

Rates in July fell in seven of Dubois County’s eight neighbors: Daviess, 2.8 percent (down from 3.1 percent); Martin, 2.8 percent (down from 3.1 percent); Orange, 3.8 percent (down from 4.1 percent); Perry, 3.7 percent (down from 3.9 percent); Pike, 3.4 percent (down from 3.6 percent); Spencer, 3.1 percent (down from 3.4 percent) and Warrick, 3.0 percent (down from 3.2 percent). Crawford County’s rate was unchanged at 4.2 percent.

The overall state rate in July was 3.4 percent (up one-tenth of a percentage point from 3.3 percent), which was below a national rate of 3.9 percent (down from 4.0 percent).

Dubois County’s labor force consisted of 24,319 people in July — 23,690 of whom were employed. That left 629 classified as unemployed.

By way of comparison, the county’s rate in July 2017 was an identical 2.6 percent.

Indiana’s 3.4 percent July rate was lower than all of its neighboring states. Those other states’ rates were: Ohio, 4.6 percent (up from 4.5 percent); Kentucky, 4.3 percent (up from 4.2 percent); Michigan, 4.3 percent (down from 4.5 percent); and Illinois, 4.2 percent (down from 4.3 percent). Other Midwest rates in July were: Minnesota, 3.0 percent (down from 3.1 percent); and Wisconsin, 2.9 percent (unchanged).


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