County sets limit on trash sticker purchases


Since it was announced that the cost of Dubois County trash stickers will increase, people have been buying them in bulk.

“People are coming in doing more advanced purchases,” County Highway Superintendent Steve Berg said. “Some people are buying whole packs of 500 stickers.”

The concern is that sites could run out of stickers or cash and not be able to keep up with the demand.

Not only has the amount of cash at the sites slightly increased, a limit has been placed on the number of stickers a person can purchase.

“We put a ceiling of 50 stickers per person per day, so the attendants don’t run out,” Berg said.

The stickers will increase from $1 to $1.50 starting Aug. 1. Increasing the cost is expected to ultimately make the county recycling/trash disposal sites be financially self-sufficient.

In 2018, the service had an overall net loss of $74,563.41. The money generated from trash sticker sales was $292,296, which was part of the $333,747.63 in revenue that was generated in the year. However, the service’s expenses were $408,311.04, which included a $69,628.52 truck purchase.

The cost for disposal of the trash has steadily increased over the years. In the 2018 solid waste collection budget, $84,353.20 was spent on refuse disposal, which is more than 2017’s $75,469.72. This does not include the consistent cost of $88,000 that is spent each year in the sanitation department’s budget for refuse disposal.

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