County prepares for $1.8M in road projects


The Dubois County Highway Department plans to use $1.8 million to repair, preserve and improve roads this year.

About $1.3 million will be hot-mix overlay projects.

Some of the more expensive hot-mix projects include:

• County Road 585 West from State Road 64 to Old State Road 64, $154,732.

• County Road 100 South from Ferdinand Road Northwest to County Road 100 West, $153,966.

• Cuzco Road south from Cuzco Road North to County Road 475 North, $145,661.

• County Road 30 North from the Jasper-Dubois Road to County Road 325, East, $128,686.

The department will spend $242,000 on surface treatments, which helps extend the life of a road’s pavement.

Some of the more expensive surface-treatment projects include:

• Mill Street from the Jasper city limit to County Road 400 North, 25,520.

• Newton Street from Mendel Lane to State Road 162, $19,950.

• County Road 500 West from Holland Road East to county Road 900 South, $21,295.

• County Road 750 West from County Road 800 South to the Holland town limit, $21,295.

• County Road 650 South from Club Road to County Road 500 East, $16,679.

• All the roads in Countrywood Estates will also be treated, $13,940.

About $224,000 will be spent on repairing pavement, with one road section being newly paved. That is on County Road 800 West from County Roads 350 South to 300 South, at a cost of $85,000. Improving County Road 800 West to ultimately make it a paved road has been an ongoing project.

Funding is split among the three Dubois County Commissioners’ districts. A total of $891,513 will be spent in District 1, $929,234 in District 2 and $1,229,483 in District 3.

A few projects will be completed using money from the state Community Crossings fund. One of those is Industrial Park Road, in which the county is partnering with the Town of Ferdinand. The county’s portion will cost $238,190.

Other Community Crossings grant projects are County Road 1025 East from the Jefferson Township line to the Hall Township line, $350,093; County Road 550 South from Club Road to State Road 162, $338,780; County Road 650 West from County Roads 300 South to 100 South, $261,706; and County Road 100 South from County Roads 600 West to 650 West, $66,074.

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