County park looking to name trails, lake, road

Olivia Ingle/The Herald
The Dubois County Park Board has been considering several things for the park’s future, including naming its lake and trails. Board members believe the names will help in emergency situations.


The Dubois County Park Board has considered several matters for the park’s future.

One is giving names to the lakes and trails in the park.

As plans for park improvements are underway, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources has said that it would be beneficial if the places are named, board president Christine Prior said at Monday’s park board meeting.

Prior suggested naming the main road that leads from State Road 162 to the campsites County Park Drive. It would help in emergency situations, she said.

“As we are adding the campgrounds, if an ambulance is called and they say, ‘You turn onto the fairground road,’ and an ambulance driver who is not familiar with the road could get lost,” she said. There is a street named Fairgrounds Road already.

County officials said County Park Drive could become the road’s unofficial name, with a white sign with black lettering at the road, Prior said. But if the park is wanting to have addresses from the road, that will be a bigger process.

“I don’t think we will address anything off of it. But I think it’s important that it has a name,” Prior said. The name would be on maps, which helps in emergency situations.

Prior asked board members to think up some names to suggest for the lake and trails in the park. DNR suggests not using a person’s name or the name of a donor.

A Dubois County Lake sign is at the lake, Park Superintendent Bob Gress noted. But it has also been Reflection Lake in some information, said Lisa Gehlhausen of Indiana 15 Regional Planning Commission.

Prior said that for the sake of consistency, the board should come up with names. She likes the idea of naming the trails after things that were here historically in the area, like Buffalo Trace and Yellowbanks Trail.

“They are a big part of what created Dubois County,” Prior said.

Gehlhausen suggested names as reference points, but not to use some that have already been used. She added that it needs to be done, but not immediately.

The matter will be discussed at the park board’s next meeting, which will be at 4:30 p.m. Monday, April 26, at the 4-H Clover Pavilion building.

Work to create the next five-year park plan was also discussed.

The park board also hired Indiana 15 to compile the plan for parks in the county and municipalities. Indiana 15 will work with park boards in the county — including Birdseye, Ferdinand, Holland, Huntingburg and Jasper — and parks in the unincorporated communities to compile deas of future amenities. Surveys will also be created for residents to express what features they would like parks to have in the next five years. To receive some state park funding, an updated park plan must be in place, Gehlhausen said.

The last five-year plan was completed in 2017; it will expire this year.

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