County jobless rate continues to recover

By Herald Staff

Dubois County, as well as the nation as a whole, is still recovering from debilitating unemployment in the wake of COVID-19. Earlier this year, the nation saw rates on par with the Depression era. Indiana’s rates are trending in a positive direction, though, according to a new state report.

Dubois County’s jobless rate dropped to 3.3% in October, down from 3.8% in September, according to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.

Only six of the 92 Indiana counties had lower unemployment rates. Hamilton, LaGrange and Warrick counties had the same rate as Dubois County.

Current unemployment reporting represents a coordinated effort throughout the nation with a specified reporting time frame that targets the week that includes the 12th day of the month.

The new state report placed Indiana’s overall unemployment rate in October at 4.8%. This rate is down from 5.8% in September and lower than the national rate of 6.6%.

Indiana’s October labor force had a net increase of 9,979 people over the previous month.

Dubois County’s neighboring counties also saw their October rates fall. Those rates were: Daviess, 2.7% (down from 3.2%); Martin, 3.2% (down from 3.6%) Orange, 8.2% (down from 8.4%); Perry, 4.2% (down from 5.2%); Pike, 3.9% (down from 5%); Spencer, 3.8% (down from 4.5%) and Warrick, 3.3% (down from 4%).

Out of all 92 counties, the highest October rate was in Orange County, 8.2%. The lowest was in Daviess County, 2.7%.

Dubois County’s labor force consisted of 22,265 people in October — 21,530 of whom were employed. That left 735 classified as unemployed.

By way of comparison, the county’s rate in October 2019 was 2.1%.

Indiana’s October rate was slightly lower than its immediate neighboring states. Those other states’ rates were Ohio, 5.6%; Kentucky, 5.3%; Michigan, 5.5%; and Illinois, 6.8%. Other Midwest rates in October were Minnesota, 5.5%, and Wisconsin, 5.7%.

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