County explains tax payment deadline

From Local Sources

Dubois County Treasurer Kitty Merkley says that in order to try and eliminate confusion regarding the waiver of penalties for late property tax payments, Gov. Eric Holcomb’s Executive Order #20-005, Section 6, Paragraph B states the following:

“Property taxes remain due on May 11, 2020, however counties are to waive penalties on payments made after May 11, 2020, for a period of 60 days. This waiver does not apply to tax payments which have been escrowed by financial institutions on behalf of property taxpayers.”

Hence, each county shall waive any penalties for any property taxes paid within 60 days after the statutory deadline; therefore, the spring installment may be paid up to and including July 10, 2020 without penalty. However, taxpayers are encouraged to make timely payments (that is, on or before May 11, 2020) in order to ensure orderly operations of government.

Please note that this will not apply to property tax payments made through an escrow account or mortgage company. This waiver applies to property tax liabilities for both real and personal property.

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