County approves contract for inmate health services


The Dubois County Security Center will enter into a new contract for inmates’ health services, which will include daily nurse visits.

Currently, a Dubois County Health Department nurse comes to the security center four to five days a week.

With the new contract with Muncie-based Quality Correctional Care, a nurse will visit the center five days a week for three hours each day, Sheriff Tom Kleinhelter told the Dubois County Commissioners last week. He added that the new contract is more economical than the current contract with Advanced Correctional Healthcare, which is in Peoria, Illinois.

Advanced’s contract was $56,000 to serve 75 inmates a day; anything above that is an additional cost. Kleinhelter said that last year, the sheriff’s office paid Advanced $92,000 for services because the security center has had more than 75 inmates a day.

“We know population isn’t going down,” Kleinhelter said.

Quality’s contract totals $111,850 and there is no cap on the number of inmates a day. The nurse who will visit three hours a day, five days a week is included in the contract cost. Advanced gave a new quote for services of $97,000, which would include a nurse for 15 hours per week, but still has the same cap of 75 inmates.

“This contract (with Quality Correctional Care) would save us $15,000 to $20,000 per year,” Kleinhelter said.

It will also free up the health department’s nurse for other tasks. Administrative Director Jo Ann Spaulding told the commissioners that there are other duties the nurse could take on with the health department.

The commissioners approved the contract with Quality Correctional Care.

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