Contestants sought for Little Miss, Mister contest

IRELAND — Little Miss and Little Mister Shamrock Pageant will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday, March 8, at Ireland Elementary School. Time may change depending on the number of participants.

Contestants must be a resident of Madison or Boone township or attend(ed) Ireland Elementary School.

Little Miss and Little Mister is for students in grades kindergarten through two. Contestants will be judged both privately and on stage. Contestants will wear one or two outfits. The outfits should look nice and incorporate St. Patrick’s Day.

Contestants will be asked to state his or her name on stage and asked a question or two. A list of possible questions will be provided ahead of time.

There will be an informal meet and greet prior to the pageant. Although contestants are encouraged to attend, it is not a requirement. Participants will be notified in early February of when this event will be held.

A dress rehearsal will be held Saturday, March 7, and a run through on the the morning of the contest.

Entry forms can be found at The Ivy Manor in Jasper and Spuds in Ireland, or by contacting Charlotte Olson for a form.

St. Patrick’s Day will be celebrated March 13 through 15. Winners will be asked to attend events throughout the weekend.   

All details are subject to change.


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