Construction of Wagon Works Apartments nearing end

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Construction continues on the Wagon Works Apartments at the former Wagon Works factory site at the corner of Fifth and Washington streets in Huntingburg on Tuesday.


HUNTINGBURG — The Wagon Works Apartments project in Huntingburg is closer to being completed.

The first 16-unit building should be done in June, said Gary Ritz of Indianapolis-based Paragus, the developer of the site.

“Once we get architectural approval, we will be able to start moving people in,” Ritz said Tuesday afternoon as he walked through the site. “We expect that to happen at the end of this month.” The community building is also expected to be done this month, he said.

So far, $5.6 million has been spent on the estimated $7.8 million project, which is being developed through a partnership between Tri-Cap and Paragus. The project is utilizing tax-credit funding from the state as a Stellar Communities project, as well as economic development funding from the city. The Huntingburg Common Council agreed on Tuesday to allot $25,000 to the project because Paragus met its goal of investing into the project $5 million by June 1.

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Work is being done on each of the three apartment buildings and the community building. The building closest to the corner of Washington and Fifth streets will be completed first. The other two buildings, a 16-unit building and 24-unit building, will be done by the end of July. Weather permitting, the landscaping and street should be done by early August, Ritz said.

The 56-unit complex will have small and large studio apartments, small and large one-bedroom apartments, and two-bedroom apartments. Each apartment has walk-in storage space; closets; appliances, including a dishwasher; space for a washer and dryer; and a small, outdoor patio that has a storage area that a tenant can lock up outdoor items like bicycles.

Construction continues on the Wagon Works Apartments at the former Wagon Works factory site at the corner of Fifth and Washington streets in Huntingburg on Tuesday.

The community building, which is located east of the apartment buildings, will have a community room with a kitchen area and restrooms tenants can use for parties and events, a dog wash room, a small fitness room, a laundry room, the management office and a maintenance garage. There will also be an outdoor dog park and small basketball court to the south of the buildings. Between each building is a parking lot with spaces for tenants.

Paragus has some items from the original Huntingburg Wagon Works company Ritz is looking to incorporate into the new site design. That includes two of the wheels that were on the original Wagon Works sign.

Huntingburg Wagon Works, which built wagons and buggies, constructed its plant at Fifth and Washington streets in 1902. The last building constructed on the site was done in 1936. Paragus now has the 1936-imprinted cornerstone from that building.

“I’m not yet sure what we are going to do with them,” Ritz said of the artifacts. “Up to a week ago, we didn’t even know they existed. But those are things that we will incorporate in the property somehow.”

So far, there have been 66 inquiries into the apartments, and 36 applications have been sent out; 18 of those asking for applications either live or have lived in Huntingburg, Ritz told the common council Tuesday evening.

“Two occupants have been approved and are waiting to move in,” he said.

The majority of the inquiries are for single-person apartments, Ritz said. “That follows the studies we received from the city that show the greatest unmet need is for one-person households,” he said.

Rent amounts have been set for the apartments. The monthly rent is $350 for a small studio apartment, $449 for a large studio, $549 for a small one-bedroom, $569 for a large one-bedroom and $599 for a two-bedroom. Rules stipulate that up to four people can live in a two-bedroom apartment, and up to two can live in the other apartment styles. There are also income guidelines for living at the complex.

Applications are being accepted for apartments. For information, call 812-684-9800 or click here.

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