Congress should question president's actions

To the editor:

As citizens of one of the world’s greatest democracies, Americans are blessed with lots of local friends and neighbors of different political affiliations. We can assume they are patriots who love their country.

But politics is not about these local candidates; rather, it’s about all of us — you, me, our children, our family’s future and what we value as decent and moral. This is why my concerns reflect my abhorrence to what we are currently witnessing on the national scene. Is it not time to respectfully ask questions of our nation’s leadership?

Congress seems to be afraid to question the current administration as he directs children to be taken from parents seeking asylum in the U.S., declaring the Bible gives him that right; withdraws from the UN Human Rights Council; praises cruel dictatorships like North Korea by agreeing that the U.S. military is “provoking” them with “war games”; praises himself for saving the world from nuclear war as he arrogantly mentions getting a Nobel Peace Prize for himself; attacks our country’s closest allies, like telling Canadians there is a special place in hell for them and calling them backstabbers; protects corrupt cabinet members as they waste billions of taxpayer dollars; shows no respect for mother Earth and no respect to the U.S. Constitution he swore to protect and defend by using his public position to privately enrich himself and family; supports ex-employees indicted for criminal witness tampering; constantly spreads fear-mongering lies to the American public; starts international trade wars; supports massive tax cuts for the wealthy while adding trillions of dollars to the national debt; threatens to take taxpayer dollars from Social Security and Medicare to fund budget shortfalls; brags he can commit any crime and pardon himself.

This president seems to be completely incompetent and unqualified. Congress, for the United States of America, do not be afraid to question his actions. How about country before party?

—Dan Barrett

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