Concerns raised about traffic on Fairground Road


BRETZVILLE — Access to a subdivision that is being developed near Fairground Road has the Dubois County Park Board concerned.

Board members have discussed giving the road to the county for its road inventory, but they have heard that the eight-lot subdivision that is being developed by Phil Schroering could have as many as 25 or 30 living units.

“That extra traffic, with the number of people — joggers, disc golfers — that could be in the area,” board member Ken Eck said, “it might impact the use of our property if that is thrown back to park road.”

The county has requested that the park board give the county jurisdiction of the road.

“They are maintaining the road,” Board President Christine Prior said.”But it is on the park property. So it is considered a private road.”

Putting the road in the county inventory would mean that the county could get state funding to help maintain the road, she explained.

Board members said that they wanted some say about the road being used as an access point for Schroering’s subdivision. The county does not have countywide zoning, though it does have a subdivision ordinance that was updated in the last year.

“If we get rid of our road, we have no power,” park board member Jane Betz said.

Prior said that as an adjacent landowner, the park board would have a chance to comment on requests to access the road. “Our comment would be that we prefer traffic be limited on that road, because it is access to the park,” she said.

Schroering discussed the subdivision with the park board last July and with the Dubois County Commissioners last September. At that time, he told both boards that 3.7 acres of land between Fairground Road and State Road 162 would be developed into eight lots.

Park board members said Tuesday that they were originally under the impression that the development would be a few single-family houses. But they have since heard that the plan is for the site to have 20 to 30 living units.

If that many people are driving in and out on that road and it’s their only access, that much traffic could impact the park, the board determined. And part of the park’s future plans is to have single picnic areas and a trail access near the road.

“It may be in our best interest not to have them put that road on the inventory yet,” Eck said. “Keep it until those (housing units) are put in, so that we can have the discussion.”

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