Community Table returns July 16

DALE — Thursday evening meals at the Micah Center of Dale Presbyterian Church will begin again on July 16.

Reopening comes with a few changes in an attempt to keep the spread of COVID-19 at bay.

Doors will not open on Thursday evenings until 5 p.m. CT.

Patrons are asked to wear masks when entering and leaving, and when in close proximity to other patrons.

Patrons are asked to do their best not to have personal contact with others at Community Table, except for immediate family members.

Masks may be removed during meals.

Staff, hosts and servers will be required to wear masks. Those in food service must also wear gloves.

Tables will be set farther apart with less people seated at each table, except for families, who should sit together as a family unit.

Individuals are asked to remain at least six feet apart.

Persons in need of a meal who would rather not be seated in the public room may call ahead and ask for a boxed meal to take home (one per person). Call the church at 812-937-2560 or call Cheryl Hurst at 812-489-0239 to request a meal or to leave a message.

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