Communities’ project wish lists in annual report


Dubois County and its communities have plenty of future development goals.

Whether they’re in progress or just ideas at the moment, Indiana 15 Regional Planning Commission has them all listed in its 2021 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy report.

The report compiles the array of projects identified within each of the six counties serviced by Indiana 15: Dubois, Crawford, Orange, Perry, Pike and Spencer. Regional priorities are also listed.

“The concerns and needs are a result of meetings to assist in collaborating together to solve unique and common issues,” Indiana 15 states in the report. “Indiana 15 and the individual communities use this document to track and prioritize projects.”

This economic development strategy report analyzes the economy of the region. “This strategy is used to define goals and objectives of our communities,” according to the report. “The CEDS is designed as a regional plan of action. This planning provides flexibility, utilizing unique regional advantages to maximize economic opportunity for residents.”

The report will be used as a roadmap for future economic development efforts. “Implementing the action items described within this document will strengthen the ability of the Indiana 15 Region to secure its economic future and position it as a competitive region,” Indiana 15 writes in the report.

The report was completed this month. Communities were asked to submit prioritized projects before February 2021.

The report lists those projects, which are ranked with a number system based on several criteria as it affects that area: unemployment ranking, median income, population growth, the economic development goal of job creation, project type, the project’s readiness stage in regard to preliminary engineering and environmental work, and the possibility of matching funds being secured.

Each county and community within the county has a project list in the report. Regional priority projects are also listed. The projects under Dubois County and its communities are listed under the categories of economic development, infrastructure, transportation, planning, community facilities and public safety. Here is that list.

Dubois County

• Dubois County business loan program and promotion

• Dubois County digital inclusion/broadband

• Dubois County Opportunity Zone

• Entrepreneurship facilitation (Current Blend)

• Purchase/develop property for an industrial park

• Dubois County value added agri-business opportunities

• Regional sewer system

• Haysville sanitary sewer project

• Ireland stormwater improvements

• Airport runway extension, hangar, technology park

• Mid-States Corridor - environmental impact study

• Intersection improvements on primary county roads

• Public transportation

• Digitize historic records

• Dubois County park trail expansion

• Dubois County Museum accessibility improvements

• Dubois Fire Department construction

• Judicial Center expansion (correctional facility)

• Haysville Park improvements (including drainage)

• Rehabilitation/addiction/substance abuse facility

• Haysville fire truck

• Dubois ambulance facility construction

• Storm shelter near camping and mobile home areas


• Sanitary sewer improvements

• Water utility equipment

• Town utility truck

• Annexation

• Library expansion

• Birdseye Park improvements

• Police radar gun

• Fire department equipment upgrade


• Water standpipe (location-monastery)

• East Fifth Street stormwater and street improvements

• West Fifth Street, Missouri, West Third - sanitary sewer

• Water main from Fifth Street to Monte Casino Road (County Road 285E)

• East Third Street water line - Main to Michigan

• Old Lake restrooms, kayak launch

• Walking trail from 18th Street Park to Old Town Lake trail

• Fire aerial/ladder truck

• Police car replacement

• Ambulance garage


• Purchase of blighted building for fire department and town hall expansion

• Add cell tower booster station

• Business access to State Road 161

• Fire hydrant replacements

• Complete riprap and repair of lagoon dams

• Replacement of all meters and meter pits

• Total replacement of rails and pumps at Farks lift station

• Total water line replacement in town

• Street improvements

• Add several street lights

• Pave main streets with curb and guttering added

• Repair and add more sidewalks

• Repave Holland Park road

• Wastewater plan

• Comprehensive plan

• Downtown revitalization

• Housing rehabilitation

• Pathway connectivity throughout town

• Build maintenance shop at park

• New Town Hall

• Holland park improvements

• Rehabilitate Irene Bartelt little league field

• Replace tennis courts and fence

• Update zoning ordinance

• Fire station and fire equipment

• Renovate the lake dam

• Trail development


• Brownfield cleanup (former gas station)

• Huntingburg Opportunity Zone promotion

• Water project - Patoka Lake Regional Water and Sewer District trunk line

• Wastewater treatment plant improvements

• Stormwater utility

• Huntingburg Lake - dredging

• Resurface U.S. 231 through Huntingburg

• Heritage Trail

• Underpass trail connection

• Northside Park

• Blight elimination

• Huntingburg gateway

• Senior center


• Downtown revitalization project

• Downtown facade enhancement program

• Outdoor market

• Solar energy park

• Technology/innovation center

• Downtown residential conversions (second floor of historic buildings)

• Owner-occupied rehabilitation

• Relocation bonus for new residents

• Way-finding signage for downtown and in cooperation with Dubois County Tourism

• Community gateways

• Alley activations

• Crosswalk murals - public art

• Business attraction with a spec building

• Create a cultural district in the downtown

• Business assistance - COVID

• Third Avenue - Meridian Road water improvements

• Sidewalk replacement/extension along U.S. 231

• Square waterline improvements

• Stormwater drainage improvements

• Mid-State Corridor connections - streets and utilities

• Sewage treatment on north side (include Haysville service)

• Fiber buildout to residential developments (within two-mile jurisdiction)

• Rail improvements for Spirit of Jasper - French Lick to Huntingburg

• Port Authority consideration

• Transportation plan (pedestrian, public transportation, etc.)

• Dubois County trail connections

• Dubois/Orange County trails and rails from French Lick to Huntingburg

• 15th Street expansion to State Road 56

• Mill Street expansion

• 36th Street expansion

• 47th Street expansion - auto, bicycle and pedestrian

• Electric vehicle charging stations

• Public transportation - regularly scheduled bus route

• Courthouse Square improvements

• Multi-use trail extension with local communities and within the city

• Amphitheater

• Demolition/redevelopment “Y” property

• ROJAC one-room school house presentation

• Jasper Arts Center accessibility improvements (VUJC)

• Aquatic center

• Child advocacy center

• Main Street program - Heart of Jasper

• Student residential housing

• Buffalo Trace Golf Course expansion (clubhouse/practice facility)

• Indoor sports recreation center

• Ruxer golf course decommission/sale (consolidate into Buffalo Trace)

• Public library property sale/redevelopment

• Fire ladder truck

• West side fire station

The entire report can be found at Indiana 15’s website,

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