Column: Scare up Halloween horror movie knowledge


My son stumped me when he texted me the following horror movie trivia question: “In which “Friday the 13th” movie did Jason don the infamous hockey mask?”

Easy — the very first one, I thought, but I was wrong.

He texted: “In part one, the killer was his mother. In part two, he wore a flour sack over his head. Part three was when he got the mask.”

Here I thought he wore that hockey mask from the very start.

My horror movie heart was humbled.

I thought I knew all the trivia from the classic horror movies released in the 1970s and 1980s, but my son ruined that with his first question. I immediately texted back with, “What was the name of the pub featured in ”˜American Werewolf in London’?”

“The Slaughtered Lamb,” he replied in mere seconds.

Darn, this dude is good, I thought.

“What was the evil clown’s name in Stephen King’s ”˜IT’?” he counterattacked. Not waiting for me to respond (not that I knew the answer even though I did read the book and watch the movie), he answered, “Pennywise the Dancing Clown.”

I fired back, “What state does ”˜Halloween’ take place in?”

“Haddonfield, Illinois,” he responded.

I texted, “Which Hitchcock came first: ”˜Psycho’ or ”˜The Birds’?”


He was right again.

“What was Maverick’s real name in ”˜Top Gun’?” he texted.

“That’s not a horror movie,” I replied, though it was one in the sense that it was a horrible movie.

“Lighten up, man. It was a joke,” he responded.

It was clear I wasn’t going to beat him in horror movie trivia, so I decided, in honor of one of my favorite times of the year, Halloween, to team up with him to create 25 trivia questions from classic horror movies.

I just shared five of them. Here are the rest. Try to answer them before Witching Hour on Thursday.
I’ve thrown you a few bones just to keep your spirits up.

See how well you do.

”¢ What is Jason’s last name in “Friday the 13th”?

”¢ What movie has the movie poster tagline, “In space no one can hear you scream”?

”¢ What teen slasher film’s villain is Michael Myers?

”¢ Two hotels you don’t want to stay: Bates Motel and the Overlook Hotel. These are the settings for what two horror movies?

”¢ What three numbers appear as a birthmark on the scalp of Damien in “The Omen”?

”¢ Places you don’t want to swim: Crystal Lake and Lost River Lake. These are the settings for what two movies?

”¢ What is the character name of the first person to be eaten by “Jaws”?

”¢ What movie has this dialogue: “What an excellent day for an exorcism”?

”¢ Name the demonic piglike creature in “The Amityville Horror.”

”¢ Name the doll in “Child’s Play.”

Ӣ In this movie, Mia Farrow gave birth to her demon child in New York City.

Ӣ On what street will you likely meet up with Freddy Krueger?

Ӣ Hannibal Lecter likes to drink what with his liver and fava beans?

”¢ As part of a prom prank, what kind of blood was dumped on Prom Queen “Carrie”?

”¢ How did “Cujo” get rabies?

”¢ “Sometimes dead is better” is the tagline for what Stephen King movie?

”¢ Name the movie with this premise: In October of 1994, three student filmmakers disappeared in the woods near Burkittsville, Md., while shooting a documentary.  … A year later their footage was found.

Ӣ Name the outdoor thriller that made everyone wary of banjo music.

”¢ In Tim Burton’s “Sleepy Hollow,” starring Johnny Depp, who played the headless horseman?
Leatherface is the main antagonist of this fright flick, with the tagline: “Who will survive and what will be left of them?”

Sorry, no answers are provided. You’ll have to watch the movie or commence an Internet investigation.

Happy Halloween; pleasant screams.

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