College Bound: Kerragan Mulzer

Photo by Brittany Lohmiller/The Herald
After an illustrious soccer career at Heritage Hills, Kerragan Mulzer decided to take her talents to the next level as she will play soccer collegiately at Western Kentucky University for the Hilltoppers.

A Q&A with Heritage Hills alum Kerragan Mulzer who will be playing soccer collegiately for Western Kentucky University.

What was the biggest factor into your decision to play sports collegiately? Knowing that I had the ability and potential to play at the next level challenged me and made me want to prove myself. Going to camps and seeing the skill level of other players made me want to get to that level as well. My love for the sport has always been my main drive but the urge for improvement played into my decision to play at the collegiate level.

What stood out about Western Kentucky University and what made you choose that school over others you visited? I've always loved Western Kentucky's campus but when I met the Western Kentucky coaches and players, I instantly loved their personality and character. Having a fun and well-rounded team made me want to play there even more. The coaches not only focus on soccer but also academics and character and those are important to me.

During your time at Heritage Hills, who or what do you feel most prepared you for playing sports in college? The two-a-day practices in the summer definitely prepared me for the mental toughness and running that I will need to play sports in college. Pushing yourself and your teammates in the humid Southern Indiana heat was a challenge that not only conditioned your body but your mind as well. Mental toughness will be important for the work that is to come and practicing it now has helped prepare me. Also, all of my coaches I've had throughout my high school career have played a role in developing different areas of my play. 

What was your biggest accomplishment during your time at Heritage Hills? Being the underdogs in the sectional tournament in 2016 and beating our sectional rival, Providence in the championship game. We proved everybody wrong and fought as a team and put our hearts into every game. Each sectional game was a fight and coming out as champions was a big feat.

If you could describe your high school athletic experience in one word, what would it be? Heart — I've learned through my years that no matter how much talent you have, if you don't play with heart and for your team, your talents mean nothing.

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