Coaching journey leads Gobert to Iowa

Photo Provided by University of Southern Indiana Athletics
In this file photo from last season, Nick Gobert (left) instructs Nathan Kuester on what to do next on the basepaths. After getting his coaching career started as a grad student at the University of Southern Indiana last year, the Jasper native and Wildcat baseball product will head to Indian Hills Community College in Iowa to become a pitching coach for the Falcons.


From a very young age, coaching always seemed to capture Nick Gobert’s attention.

While there are many reasons that Nick has fallen in love with the many decisions that go into leading a team from the dugout, it’s safe to say that growing up with a father who is one of only five coaches in Indiana prep baseball history to reach 800 wins was a big help.

“Me and my dad (Jasper baseball head coach Terry Gobert) have talked about player development and how to develop a strong program since I was little,” Nick said. “I was lucky to always be around such great athletes and great supporters in a town that cares so much about baseball. He definitely helped jump start my career in that regard.”

Earlier this month, Nick accepted a coaching job at Indian Hills Community College in Ottumwa, Iowa where he will be the Falcons pitching coach.

There were several aspects of the job that stuck out right away which made it nearly impossible to turn down.

“I get to run a pitching staff and continue to recruit at another part of the country I’ve never been involved with,” Nick said. “I think it’s a great opportunity for me to grow. I’ve never really been full-time with a pitching staff so it’ll be fun to research here the rest of the summer and help the kids develop.”

Nick, who recently turned 25, just finished his masters degree at the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville.

After starting his collegiate baseball career at the University of Dayton, Nick transferred to USI in 2017. Once he got there, head coach Tracy Archuleta asked him what he wanted to do after his post-collegiate career.

Nick’s answer was rather simple.

“I told him that I wanted to be a coach. I wasn’t really sure what level I wanted to go into but I always had it in my mind that I wanted to coach,” Nick said. “He told me that the graduate assistant coaching spot would be open and waiting for me if I wanted to take it.”

Nick played his final year of college baseball in 2018 and then used the final year of his grad program on the coaching staff for the Screaming Eagles.

While at USI, Nick had the chance to work with both pitchers and hitters and also got to recruit which is rather rare for a grad assistant to do in that position.

“I remember going out to the NCAA Division II World Series the first week in June and then one week later I was already in Indianapolis recruiting,” Nick recalls. “It took me a month or so to figure out what I was looking for (in terms of recruiting) but it’s helped me grow and it got me a head start on my career.”

While Nick will primarily be working with the pitching staff at Indian Hills, he will still have plenty of recruiting duties as well. In fact, he just recently got back from attending a 96-team legion ball tourney in Minnesota to begin scouting for talent.

Herald File Photo
In this photo from 2013, Nick (left) talks with his father and current Jasper baseball head coach Terry Gobert. Nick said that growing up being a Gobert in Jasper, he had a feeling that coaching was the path he would end up choosing someday.

Nick has always found himself enjoying the recruiting side of things. In fact, one of the parts he likes the most is trying to find that one hidden gem.

“In a world where all these players are highlighted on Twitter and Prep Baseball report, it’s important to try and go to different areas where people might not ever see these kids,” Nick said. “I really enjoy the whole process of trying to find players who want to be a part of a program — it’s just something that clicked for me.”

While Nick often got to go home during his time at USI, he realizes that it’ll be a little harder to get back to Jasper now that he’s almost eight hours away from home.

However, he calls this “a growing experience” and knows that he’ll always have a strong backing in his hometown.

“From a young age, just being a Gobert in Jasper I knew this was what I would want to do someday,” Nick said. “My Jasper roots will definitely be with me out here (in Iowa), that’s for sure.”

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