Clerk: Election 'a success' in Dubois County


JASPER — Dubois County Clerk Amy Kippenbrock was pleased with how the General Election ran in Dubois County.

"I think it went great," she said Wednesday. "We had a great number of voter turnout and voters were responsible in coming early."

A total of 54.08% of the county's registered voters voted in the four weeks leading up to Election Day on Tuesday. This early voter turnout shrunk the lines at the polls on Election Day, Kippenbrock said, adding that even sans long lines, polls were busy that day.

"They (county voters) were smart in how they voted," she said.

Overall voter turnout in Dubois County was 71.64%. In comparison, voter turnout in the county was 66.49% in 2016's presidential election and 63.79% in 2012.

Equipment at the polls "worked as we wanted it to," Kippenbrock said, and there were "no major delays for anyone who came to vote."

She added that voters appreciated the new voter verifiable paper audit trail machines, or VVPAT, which show a printout of the selections the voter made.

"We had comments that voters appreciate being able to see how their vote was cast," Kippenbrock said.

The clerk's office had extra staff on hand starting at 6 a.m. Tuesday to count 2,346 mail-in ballots. They finished counting around 5:45 p.m., allowing the office to send out absentee results right at 6 p.m., when the polls closed. There were no long lines at any of the polls when they closed, so the precincts were able to report to the courthouse shortly after. All the votes were tallied within an hour, Kippenbrock said.

"We had a great team effort in making the election a success in Dubois County," she said.

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