Class of 1949

Ten members of the eighth-grade class of 1949 met for a class reunion on Nov. 19 at the Schnitzelbank Restaurant in Jasper. In those days, the country kids went to Ferdinand Township School where the Tretter Center is today, and the town kids went to St. Ferdinand Catholic School by the church. During the 1949 school year, all Ferdinand kids went together in the same building. When the students graduated from eighth grade, the girls who wanted to attend high school had to go to the academy on the hill. The boys had to go to Huntingburg. Pictured, from left, front row, is Shirley Remke, Mary Alice (Lindauer) Jochum, Dorothy (Gehlhausen) Fehribach, Catherine (Dall) Wendholt, Evelyn (Bolte) Schwoeppe and Margie Backer; back row, Cindy Olinger, Henry Fischer, Ed Roos and Jerome Brinkman. Other classmates were Chester Altman, Jack Boeglin, Ralph Bartley, Helen (Demuth) Greener, Tom Gerber, Myron Fischer, Roy Hassfurther, Eugene Hoffman, Edgar Kersteins, Joe Kitten, Norbert Kern, Norman Lange, Marlene (Uebelhor) Schepers, Albert Wessel, Roy Weyer, Charlie Zink, Ruth (Hassfurther) Gish, Mary Catherine (Gunselman) Hasenour, Florentine (Meyer) Lasher, Frances (Quante) Nicholas, Caroline (Lindauer) Vaught, Tom Eckstein, Rita (Jasper) Kunkler, Leroy Oser and Mary Ellen (Hollinden) Wehrle.

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