City to get highway resurfacing, traffic light change

Candy Neal/The Herald
The intersection of U.S. 231 and 14th Street in Huntingburg is due to get a traffic signal after the highway is resurfaced.


HUNTINGBURG — Work to resurface U.S. 231 in the city is expected to start this month.

“You should start seeing things happen out there around June 7,” said Jason Tiller, communications director for the Indiana Department of Transportation’s Southwest District

Near the end of the project, traffic lights will be installed at the highway’s intersection with 14th Street and the traffic lights at 19th Street intersection will be removed.

“All the signal work is the last thing on this contract that will be done,” Tiller said. “So you’re probably looking at late in the summer or early in the fall before you’ll start seeing the signal work at any of the locations.”

INDOT is resurfacing U.S. 231 from Sunset Drive to 19th Street in Huntingburg as well as working on the highway’s intersection at 12th Avenue in Jasper. The work was originally to have started in April, but things were delayed.

“We’ve had a lot of projects that have had start dates delayed this year due to availability of materials,” Tiller said. “COVID kind of made everything difficult to get ahold of. Because when things shut down, the supply went down. Now that we’re starting to get back to normal a little bit, demand is going up and costs are going up.”

The resurfacing work will be done in sections to keep the traffic flowing on the road. “They are going to do this under traffic conditions,” Tiller said. “Flagging operations will occur throughout the limits and the duration of project. So they’re going to keep traffic flowing, even if it is restricted a little bit.”

The work to be done in Jasper is at the intersection of U.S. 231 and 12th Avenue. “What they’re going to be doing is concrete patching and some joint repairs,” Tiller said. “They’re going to patch those concrete slabs and then repair those joints where they got the shock absorbers.” INDOT will also add middle turn lanes and upgrade the signal, he said.

The contractor will work on the resurfacing in Huntingburg first, before moving on to Jasper.

“For the patching and paving work in Huntingburg, they’re going to do that in June. In July, they’re going to be moving to Jasper to do the concrete paving that they’re doing in Jasper,” Tiller said. “And once all that’s finished, that’s when they’re going to start working on signals.”

The work is part of the multi-faceted Next Level Roads project Gov. Eric Holcomb announced in 2017. In July 2017, the governor announced plans for the first five years of a 20-year-plan for road improvements throughout the state. At that time, 25 projects in Dubois County totaling an estimated $14,576,430 were included on the plan. The investment was estimated at the time to be $4.7 billion in projects over five years, including resurfacing nearly 10,000 lane miles of pavement and repairing or replacing approximately 1,300 bridges. After that, the initiative was to provide about $342 million annually to support Indiana cities, towns and counties for local road projects by 2024.

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