City plans road preservation work

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JASPER — The Jasper Street Department and contractor RejuvTec will apply a Reclamite preservation solution to streets next week beginning at 7:30 a.m. Monday and will continue until approximately 5 p.m. each day.

This process will continue for several days throughout the week, with the possibility of extending into the next week, due to unfavorable weather conditions or any other unforeseen events.

The affected streets will not be closed, however, delays are to be expected.

Affected residents will be notified (via door hanger) in advance of treatment on their street.

All vehicles must be removed from the affected street prior to 7:30 a.m.

This is a short procedure, in which the application is applied and sand is then applied on top, upon which time motorists will be allow to travel the affected street, however, extreme caution is advised while traveling on the sanded area, as the surface will be slick. The sand is removed within two days.

Trash, recycling and yard waste collection will proceed as normal.

The affected streets are as follows (not necessarily in this order):

• Meridian Road — Hemlock Drive to just south of State Road 164

• Hemlock Drive — Meridian Road to Maplecrest Boulevard

• Holy Family Drive — Third Ave to Church Avenue

• Main Street — Seventh Street to Ninth Street (includes Ninth Street intersection)

• Franklin Street — 13th Street to 14th Street

• East 13th Street — Newton Street to Jackson Street

• Emily Street — Sixth Street to 13th Street

• West 10th Street — Dorbett Street to Carroll Street

• Crestwood Drive — Gun Club Road to dead end

• University Drive — Gun Club Road to Grandview Drive

• Dogwood Drive — 31st Street to Paver Joint

• Foxridge Drive — 31st Street to Paver Joint

• Terry Lane — 25th Street to Cathy Lane

• 25th Street — Cathy Lane to Mill Street

• 100 South — West section by feed mill and sports complex

• Portersville Road — 47th Street to north city limits line

• East 36th Street — Newton Street to Mill Street

• West 13th Street — Newton Street to Bartley Street

• Rees Street — 14th Street to 15th Street

• West 14th Street — Brescher Street to Rees Street

• Brescher Street — 14th Street to 14th Street

• Willow Lane (dead end) — off of University Drive

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