City plans $1.9M of summer road work


JASPER — Many damaged and battered roads scattered across Jasper will be repaired this summer as part of a roughly $1.9 million city street department project.

Seventy-one stretches of pavement will be tended to throughout the course of the work — including popular thoroughfares; cul-de-sacs; and short sections of drives, avenues and boulevards across Jasper.

Much of the work will come in the form of paving and resurfacing, but the street department will also utilize other, proactive approaches to mend its ailing streets.

“They’re pretty much all over,” Jeff Theising, who works as the street department superintendent, said of the wide reach of the repairs. “We do them by need, not by area.”

Every March, employees inspect the conditions of every street in the city and rank them on a scale that prioritizes those that need fixed the most.

Measures that will prolong the lives of existing roads include spraying them with a rejuvenation agent designed to prevent the elements and ultraviolet rays from penetrating their asphalt surface; applying a liquid road surface coating that serves as a beefed up, thick seal coating; and utilizing a fine aggregate micro-surfacing technique that aids in the wear and durability of surface coating.

“Asphalt’s not cheap,” Theising said. “And anything you can do to extend the life of it, whether it’s five, six, seven years — that’s money we can save and put towards other things. It’s definitely working.”

The first phase of repaving work has already been completed by Calcar Paving. That portion of the project covered a stretch of Vine Street from Eighth Street to 14th Street; and Main Street from Ninth Street to 15th Street.

Other contractors will complete the rejuvenating and micro-surfacing work. The liquid road coating will be applied by city crews, who will also patch broken roadways throughout the summer.

Theising said the total number of roads addressed is close to what the department typically does during the summer season, with a few more asphalt rejuvenation projects than usual.

In related news, the U.S. 231 water supply and pressure improvement project is nearing its end, with all the pipe in the ground. The next work will include making service connections, and final punch-list items will be completed in June. That project could be done a month and a half ahead of schedule.

Below is a full list of the road work that is slated to be completed.

Paving and resurfacing
• 11th Avenue from National Office Furniture to Wernsing Road.
• Habig Avenue from 11th Avenue to Uebelhor and Sons Chevrolet.
• Wernsing Rd. from U.S. 231 south to its dead end.
• Briarcliff Parkway from Meridian Road to Maplecrest Boulevard.
• Cedarcrest Court cul-de-sac
• Timberbrook Court cul-de-sac.
• Oakmount Court cul-de-sac.
• Pine Meadow Court cul-de-sac.
• Third Avenue from Meridian Road to A Street.
• Hochgesang Avenue from Justin Street east to its dead end.
• Eisenhower Avenue from Brames Road to Justin Street.
• Sapphire Drive from Brescher Drive to Pebble Drive.
• Omega Drive from Fifth Avenue to Division Road.
• West Ninth St. from Bartley Street to Dorbett Street.
• West Eighth Street from Bartley Street to Newton Street.
• Valley View Drive patchwork.
• Keystone Court patchwork.
• Howard Drive from Northwood Avenue to 33rd Street.
• Leslie Drive from Northwood Avenue to 33rd Street.
• Manor Drive from Reyling Drive to 36th Street.
• Manheim Road from 42nd Street to 43rd Street.
• West 43rd Street from Baden Strasse to Manheim Road.
• Brosmer Street from 26th Street to 30th Street.
• 23rd Street from Terry Lane to Mill Street.
• Prince Street from Evans Lane to Hannah Lane.

• Meridian Road from south of IN-164 to north IN-164.
• Meridian Road from Hemlock Drive to Bohnert Park.
• Hochgesang Avenue from Brames Road to Justin Street.
• Pleasant View Drive from Newton Street to Sunset Drive.
• Westwood Boulevard from Northwood Avenue south to its dead end.
• 36th Street from Hartford Drive to U.S. 231.
• Main Street from Third Street to Fifth Street.
• County Road 400 West from Division Road to Brescher Drive.
• Kunkels Avenue from Schuetter Road north to its dead end.
• Fourth Avenue from U.S. 231 west to its dead end.
• McKinley Avenue from First Avenue to Fourth Avenue.
• Mill Street from 36th Street to County Road 400 North.
• First Avenue from Truman Road to U.S. 231.
• Clay Street from Second Street to Wernsing Road.
• Skyview Drive from Shiloh Lane south to its dead end.
• Threasa Court from Skyview Drive to its dead end.
• West Fourth Street from Clay Street to St. John Street.
• West 13th Street from Wilson Street to Emily Street.
• West Seventh Street from Bartley Street to MacArthur Street.
• Rumbach Avenue from Meridian Road to Third Avenue.
• Cobblestone Road from St. Charles Street to Schuetter Road.
• South Newton Street from the Veterans Bridge to IN-162.
• Scenic Court from Pleasant View Drive to the Indiana State Police Post.

Liquid Road
• Charlotte Avenue from Giesler Road east to its dead end.
• Hilary Drive from Third Avenue south to its dead end.
• Sycamore Manor from Briarcliff Parkway to Hemlock Drive.
• Seymour Street from Sixth Street to Seventh Street.
• Clay Street from Sixth Street to Seventh Street.
• Tamarac Street from Seventh Street to Eighth Street.
• West 15th Street from Rolling Ridge Road west to its dead end.
• Heather Court cul-de-sac.
• Lynn Court cul-de-sac.
• Bart Lane from Ackerman Road to Ann Lane.
• West Second Street from Newton Street to Clay Street.
• West Third Street from Newton Street to Clay Street.
• Street department entrance.

• 12th Avenue from Kimball Boulevard to Old Huntingburg Road.
• Fifth Avenue from Kluemper Road to Truman Road.
• Fifth Avenue from Kluemper Road to Omega Drive.
• Skyview Drive from Division Road to Fifth Avenue.
• 41st Street from Manheim Road to Wilhelm Strasse.
• Ackerman Road from Portersville Road west to the city limit.

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